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Parquet Floor Restoration: Complete Guide to Repairing Floors Inside & Out

Posted on August 12, 2023


The Ultimate Guide to Parquet Floor Restoration: Repairing Your Floor Inside and Out

Parquet floor repair begins with an assessment of blocks that have come loose, have got damaged or are missing. Take care to identify all blocks that are improperly attached to the underfloor. Perhaps the most challenging part of parquet flooring restoration is removing the residual bitumen that may have been applied to act as an adhesive in earlier days. Ensure that the underfloor and the blocks are as accessible as possible of bitumen. Otherwise, the effectiveness of modern adhesives will be undermined. Another critical step in parquet floor repair is the levelling of the underfloor. If the underfloor is concrete, level using an acrylic levelling compound. An uneven sheet material underfloor can be levelled using a hand sander. Block re-installing should be done closely, approximating the original laying pattern. Parquet adhesive can be applied to the floor using a trowel with a notch. This enables the bond to be laid on as a ridge on which the blocks can be firmly placed. While carrying out parquet floor sanding, ensure that the whole floor is sanded, not just the patch that has been repaired. Finally, impart a professional touch to your parquet floor restoration project by filling gaps neatly, carrying out a last round of sanding, and applying the finish. Our comprehensive service begins with a thorough evaluation of your floor. There’s no need to worry if we find missing or damaged blocks. We’ll find the perfect replacement from our extensive network of suppliers nationwide. We can even customise these blocks to fit your floor, as showcased in our restoration project of a 1930s office building in London. After removing remnants of old bitumen and levelling the floor, we install the 295mm x 92mm solid pine blocks. The restoration journey continues with sanding the entire surface using progressively finer grit sandpaper (24 grit, 40 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit, and 120 grit) to remove any traces of old varnish or lacquer. We buff the floor using the heavyweight Lagler 78kg Trio sander with an additional 10 kg weight for an even smoother finish. You can opt for a transparent stain to highlight the natural wood grain or a coloured one to complement your interior design. We finish the floor with four coats of Bona’s Traffic HD lacquer in satin for a durable finish with a 45% sheen reflection. Alternatively, we offer a more natural look for Osmo, Blanchon, Treatex hard wax, or Juncker’s crude oil in a matte or satin finish. The result? A parquet floor that matches its original splendour and surpasses it, leaving a lasting impression on your staff, guests, and customers. Contact us today for a spectacularly restored hardwood or softwood parquet floor.

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