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Angelique Hardwood: The Beautiful & Resilient Choice for Flooring

Posted on August 12, 2023


Discovering Angelique: South America’s Stunning Hardwood Flooring Option

Picture this: Sharing with your close-knit community that the foundation underfoot, the very floor that supports your daily wanderings and quiet musings, is christened “Angelique.” An inquisitive raise of the brow might follow, questioning the authenticity of such a name for timber. With a knowing smile, you’d nod and affirm its realness. Angelique is not just a whimsical name; it possesses an inherent beauty that mirrors the delicate dance of nature itself. It is kin to the teak family, with roots deep in the soils of Suriname, a whisper of South America’s untouched beauty. Its Janka hardness rating, close to 1300, tells a story of its resilience. Though it might not possess the unyielding strength of cherry, it surely stands towering above the likes of birch or pine. One of the captivating tales Angelique tells is through its hue. It’s a tale woven in shades of deep brown, reminiscent of the first bite into a bar of milk chocolate. Yet, its allure doesn’t stop there. Gazing upon it, one might find themselves lost in its intricate patterns, which hold within them a dance of golden undertones, making the wood almost playful, a visual symphony that changes as you shift your gaze. But with all tales of beauty, comes a word of caution. Angelique’s embrace isn’t universal. It has been whispered that this wood occasionally sparks allergies in the unsuspecting. Before laying it as the backdrop to your family’s memories, it may be wise to seek familiarity, to ensure it’s a loving embrace and not a prickly touch. And for those who already have their stories interwoven with Angelique underfoot, when the time comes to renew and rejuvenate, consider the gentle touch of dustless floor sanding.

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