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Wood Floor Scratch Repair Services

Wood floor scratch repair can help bring new life back to old or damaged floors.

Mr Sander offers effective, affordable wood scratch repair services to residential and commercial properties throughout the south of England.

We’re a family-run company based in London and, with over 20 years of experience, we have the skills and experience to fix scratches and ensure your wooden floor remains your pride and joy.

Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation wood floor scratch repair quotation.

Wood floor scratch repair

Mr Sander are certified members of the Wood Flooring Association and provide professional advice and solutions to repair scratched wood floors for both residential and commercial customers. 

In addition to our wood floor scratch repair services, we also offer:

  • Floorboard scratch repair
  • Parquet floor scratch repair
  • Wood floor restoration
  • Floor sanding and polishing services
  • Floor sealing, waxing and oiling
  • Floorboard replacement

We can usually fix any kind of scratch without having to fully replace the floorboard, but every case is different.

That’s why we recommend contacting us for a free consultation so we can assess the scratch for an accurate quotation.

How to repair a scratched wood floor

Mr Sander has a range of tools and techniques at our disposal to repair scratched wood floors. We can remove scratches from parquet floors too!

Here’s how we repair scratches on wooden floors:

Assess the scratch and the floor

Our first task is to perform a site visit to inspect your scratched wooden floor and assess the type of wood and finish of the floorboards. This way, we can identify the depth of the scratch and determine what wood floor scratch repair process to use to then provide an accurate quote and timescale for you.

Fixing scratches on wood floors

Depending on the floor, the finish and the extent of the scratch, there are a couple of ways to fix scratches on wood floors:


If the scratch is minor and not too deep, we may be able to blend it to make it invisible. Depending on the wood, that may involve a good buff after using a blending pencil, finish restorer or specialist paint to fill the scratch to make it look like it’s disappeared. 


Slightly deeper scratches may just require a carefully applied layer of the same finish to the scratch. This can help it blend into the rest of the floor.

Sanding and refinishing

Deeper scratches may require sanding as well as refinishing. This can be useful in older floors or floors with lots of scratches.

We can isolate a single scratch to sand or sand and refinish the entire floor, it’s entirely up to you but we’ll offer advice and suggestions on the best option.

Filling and refinishing

The deepest scratches may need specialist wood filler. We sand the floor down, fill the scratch with a quality wood filler and then refinish the area so it matches the rest of your floor. It’s a more involved process but generates some amazing results!

Whichever process we use, rest assured that by the end, the scratch will have disappeared and you’ll have a wonderful wood floor to be proud of once more!

What if the wooden floors are too scratched?

Mr Sander can fix all kinds of scratches, no matter how deep or how visible they are.

If a simple wood floor scratch repair isn’t possible, we are experts at floorboard renovation and restoration and will have alternative solutions to make your wooden floors look good as new again.

Wooden floor scratch remover FAQs

Can scratched wood floors be repaired?

Yes, scratched wood floors can be repaired, including parquet floors. You can do it yourself but we recommend calling in the experts for a professionally repaired wooden floor that complements the rest of your home’s interior. Our team has the skills and knowledge to repair any scratch and give your wood floor the attention it deserves!

How do you get scratches out of hardwood floors without sanding?

You can get scratches out of hardwood floors without sanding by using a blending pencil, finish restorer or specialist paints, stains or waxes. As long as you use the correct solution for the type of wood and its existing finish, hardwood floor scratches can be repaired without needing to sand.

Can you get deep scratches out of hardwood floors?

Yes, you can get deep scratches out of hardwood floors. Depending on just how deep it is, we can sand the scratch and surrounding area or use a filler to make it disappear. The exact method we use depends on the scratch and the type of wood and finish.

How much does wood floor scratch repair cost?

Wood floor scratch repair costs less than you might think. We provide a free, no-obligation quotation and can offer free site visits so we can give you the most accurate quote possible. No extra charges and no hidden fees, guaranteed!

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