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The Ultimate Guide to Staining Exotic Hardwood Floors

Posted on August 12, 2023


Guide to Staining Exotic Hardwood Floors | Tropical Wood Treatment

In the gentle embrace of homes graced with the gift of exotic hardwood floors, there often lies a question, a quiet wonder about their true nature. Might these magnificent trees from distant lands accept the shades of stain as willingly as their familiar cousins from our own backyards? While they carry an innate charisma, a tale of distant shores and time-worn tales, the truth remains: they too can wear a shade. While their natural tapestry is a dance of colors, introducing a stain can orchestrate a symphony of uniformity. Moreover, a stain acts as a shield, a gentle embrace protecting the wood from the relentless sun, whose fingers can, over time, lighten the wood’s embrace.

Guidance on Gilding Exotic Hardwood Floors with Stains

To begin this journey, one must first cleanse the wood, stripping away the memories of stains and seals gone by. Such a delicate task is best left in the hands of artists, professionals who whisper to the grains of the wood. In the heart of London, there are artisans, masters in the craft of floor sanding, ready to unveil the raw, untold stories hidden beneath the surface.

When the dance of sanding has reached its crescendo, and the stage is set, the time arrives to choose the shade. In this choice, wisdom lies in mirroring the deepest tones of your floor, a reflection of its soul. But do remember, make this choice after the floors have bared their essence.

Tropical woods, with stories of monsoons and jungles, might sometimes shy away from stains, their natural resilience to water acting as a guard. Before painting them with new tales, it would be prudent to seek counsel from a maestro, someone who can guide about the rituals of water popping or the art of two-stage bleaching.

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