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Smallest Eco Home – Compact, Sustainable, and Environment-Friendly Living

Posted on August 6, 2023


Discover the Smallest Eco Home: Your Perfect Sustainable Living Solution

From the hallowed halls of Hertfordshire University, the world was introduced to “The Cube”, a pioneering testament to human ingenuity. Emerging from the minds within the academic fortress, guided by the steady hand of Dr. Mike Page—a scholar and engineer who walks the tightrope between Cognitive Psychology and Engineering—this monument to eco-conscious design has found its existence.

“The Cube,” with the dimensions of a modest 3x3x3 metres, stands as a living, breathing epitome of eco-efficiency. Like an origami marvel, it is carefully folded from materials that whisper the ethos of sustainability, their song carrying the resonant notes of responsibly harvested timber.

Its design speaks not of compromise, but rather of the delight found in living simply and mindfully, each corner carved out to accommodate comfort and technological elegance. The Cube blooms with the gentle glow of energy-efficient LED illumination. Corked flooring echoes the whispers of the forest that bore it, whilst an Ecodan air source heat pump silently hums its warmth into the home, extracting and recycling the energy in the ambient air.

A skeleton of timber frames the Cube, wrapping it in a protective embrace, while inside, surfaces of birch plywood radiate a natural, welcoming aura. Its asymmetrical roof, along with the south wall, are studded with solar panels that drink the sunlight and transform it into power. These sun-soaked adornments serve as a promise that The Cube is but a breath away from achieving carbon neutrality.

Inside this cuboidal marvel, there exists a universe of domestic tranquility. A lounge complete with table and chairs, a kitchen equipped with modern amenities, a sleeping quarter with a cozy double bed, and a fully equipped bathroom that even includes a composting toilet. The Cube is a jewel of eco-conscious living, each facet designed to echo the rhythms of nature.

At the moment, this testament to human potential is basking in the admiration of visitors at the Edinburgh Science Festival, held in the heart of the Scottish capital, in St Andrew’s Square. The festival, open to the public from the 9th to the 23rd of April, hosts The Cube as a living exhibit—a microcosmic illustration of a sustainable future.

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