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Ecora’s Innovative New Showroom – Experience Excellence

Posted on August 6, 2023


Welcome to the New, Spectacular Showroom of Ecora!

In the heart of London, a new epicentre of sustainability prepares to throw open its doors next month. Ecora, a champion of Earth’s most beautiful gifts—natural and sustainable wood—is on the cusp of opening its second temple of quality wood flooring. Nestled on the well-trodden pavements of 327 Upper Richmond Road West, this new sanctuary for those dedicated to home restoration and reinvention will see its first light on the third day of May in the year 2011.

Ecora has its roots in Belsize Park, where the doors of the first showroom swung open to public acclaim three years prior, in 2008. It was here that Ecora’s ambition was brought to fruition: the mission to offer customers an oasis where exceptional quality met the harmonious dance of environmental responsibility. A vision shared by Daniel Bloom, Ecora’s founder and custodian, who has witnessed the journey from dream to reality.

“As we stand at the threshold of this exciting new chapter, it brings immense joy to acknowledge that Ecora’s journey has only just begun,” Bloom muses. “Our customers’ affection for the quality and variety of our offerings is matched only by their respect for our pledge to sustainability. The warmth of our second home beckons to our faithful customers scattered across London’s vast expanse.”

Ecora’s new dwelling in South-west London is not merely a showroom; it is a living gallery of Ecora’s latest inspirations, a tribute to the timeless elegance of reclaimed wood and the intricate artistry of parquetry. The source of this ethereal wood is as diverse as the landscapes they come from: venerable country houses from the United Kingdom, grand chateaus from France, stately Italian villas, and echoes of history in disused hospitals and factories.

But Ecora’s repertoire doesn’t end with reclaimed wood; the South-west London store will also be a canvas for their new collection of Natural Stone Tiles. Adorning these will be an array of environmentally conscious paints and oils, finishing floors in a way that respects the land they sprung from. Indeed, Ecora stands as a testament to harmony between human design and natural beauty, heralding a new era of sustainable elegance in home décor.

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