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Essential Flooring Options Every Salesperson Should Know

Posted on August 6, 2023


Mastering Flooring Options: A Must-Know Guide for Salespeople | Top Flooring Choices

In the craft of peddling engineered timber and mimic-wooden floors, there exists an essential, yet often neglected knowledge of the terrain – the understanding of the underlayment, the concealed layer of material upon which the visible surface rests. It is a wisdom, imparted by industry veteran Bob Pratt from MP Global Products, ensconced in Norfolk of the United Kingdom, who proposes the profundity of knowing one’s merchandise down to its unseen layers.


This sage of flooring insists that those venturing to engage customers in the dance of commerce can only do so effectively when they are attuned to the labyrinthine world beneath the surface layer. The arcane features of underlayment, each with its unique signature, play an unsung melody that can alter the very essence of the floor’s performance. The duration of its lustre, the resilience against time’s relentless hammering – all are silent whispers dictated by the choices made beneath the surface.

Invisible to the untrained eye, these features wait for the practiced tongue of the well-informed salesperson to extol their virtues, to render them tangible in the customer’s imagination. The unobserved universe of underlayment holds sway over a myriad of experiential elements – the tender or harsh touch underfoot, the frosty chill or comforting warmth, the silky smoothness of the surface beneath fingertips, even the orchestra of sounds echoing through the house’s silent chambers.

An underlayment designed with an ear for acoustics can tame the rampant noise, converting the cacophony of life into a harmonious hum. The floors above can converse without intruding on the tranquil solitude of rooms beneath. The unseen magic of certain underlayment types also extends a silent nod to our cherished environment, wearing the cloak of sustainability, another compelling tale for the eco-conscious customer.

By becoming a storyteller of this concealed world, the sales assistant becomes a maestro, their narrative turning the potential into reality, the imagined into a transaction. The artistry of their sale lies in their intimate knowledge, the ability to see beyond the visible and draw forth the unseen’s captivating allure.

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