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Flowcrete Unveils Innovative Flooring Techniques at The Facilities Show

Posted on August 6, 2023


Flowcrete Showcases Advanced Flooring Solutions at The Facilities Show 2023 | Flowcrete UK

Flowcrete, the stalwart in the realm of innovative flooring solutions, is gearing up to share the fruits of their masterful techniques at the grand spectacle of The Facilities Show. Here, the essence of their craft, a finely honed resin flooring, is all set to greet the discerning eye, alongside revolutionary concepts such as Flowfast, a testament to efficient workmanship that gifts the joy of finished flooring within a mere span of two hours. A perfect companion for those possessing wooden floors, these varied flooring displays also seek to inspire the possibilities within the commercial flooring industry.

“The Facilities Show,” muses Alan Dean, the eloquent Sales Director of Flowcrete UK, “grants us a magnificent stage to exhibit the multifaceted capabilities of our resin floors. They bear a harmonious blend of practicality, enduring resilience, minimalistic upkeep, and a pleasing aesthetic. In the diverse commercial and industrial sectors arena, we’ve gathered a rich bouquet of experiences, collaborating with esteemed blue-chip clients, bolstered by unparalleled customer service and technical aid.” In the hands of Flowcrete’s expert-approved contractors, every floor installation bears the mark of unparalleled quality, a testament to the customer’s discerning choice. The result: flooring solutions whose longevity spans a remarkable decade and, in some cases, an astounding quarter-century.

This year, the calendar earmarks the 17th to 19th May for the grand Facilities Show, to be hosted within the distinguished halls of the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. Flowcrete has been zealously committed to a massive digital crusade in the lead-up, disseminating a trove of knowledge through case studies, technical data, and insightful videos. Their intent is to foster understanding among facility managers, enabling them to make decisions that resonate with their individual preferences and align with their establishments’ broader goals. With the banner Get More Floors,’ this campaign is poised to leave a strong imprint at the show, guiding the audience towards Flowcrete’s valuable insights.

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