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Embracing the Dark: The Resurgence of Black in Interior Design

Posted on August 6, 2023


Dark is the New Black: Revolutionizing Interior Design Trends | Abigail Ahern’s Perspective

In the realm of interior design, there is a stirring renaissance towards the embrace of obsidian hues, encapsulating even the floors underfoot. Wood surfaces, bathed in inky stains, have found renewed favour, their dim depths camouflaging any unsightly blemishes that would otherwise necessitate untimely mending. However, the resurgence of the dusky aesthetic is not confined to just the hardwood floors; a broader reclamation of the shadow is gradually sweeping through the rooms of contemporary abodes.

Abigail Ahern, a respected artisan of space and shade from Atelier Abigail Ahern, observes a shifting tide from the longstanding ‘white-on-white’ preference. For her, the re-emergence of the noir palette is a welcome revival. “To me, dark spaces are a haven,” she confides a glint of delight in her eyes. “There’s an allure to the murky, the sable, and the twilight tones. These shades render a room with an air of mystery and sophistication, where the unexpected leaps out from a canvas of darkness in a way that a muted palette could never aspire to. It lends an elevated sense of style.” Yet, Ahern recognises the initial trepidation in clients when she proposes the transformation of floors, ceilings, and sometimes walls into swaths of black or graphite grey. She admits that her early adoption of the trend raised many eyebrows as it clashed with conventional aesthetics. However, she insists on the potential power held within a simple can of dark paint. “The beauty lies in its reversibility. Suppose it’s not to one’s liking. In that case, it’s the simplest thing to change,” Ahern asserts, adding, “Yet, its captivating allure is becoming increasingly irresistible to many, transforming their spaces in truly phenomenal ways.”

A concurrence comes from Matthew Carlisle, the creative helmsman at the prestigious design house Candy & Candy. He acknowledges the sweeping return of the black, especially among male clients. Yet he notes a particular brave faction of women who, too, dare cross into the realm of darker decor.

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