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Ipe Hardwood Flooring: A Durable & Unique Choice

Posted on August 12, 2023


Discovering Ipe: The Hidden Gem of Hardwood Flooring

In the vast tapestry of hardwood flooring options, one encounters names whispered by the wind and sung by birds – maple, oak, hickory. These woods, etched into our collective memory, cradle our feet and bear witness to our lives. But amidst these familiar timbers, there are those who stand apart, like the distant stars in a night sky – the mahoganies, and even more enigmatic, the ipe. The latter might be a name that doesn’t stir memories or recognition, yet its qualities render it a silent guardian for many homes. In the intricate language of wood resilience, there’s a term known as the ‘Janka Hardness’. Ipe, with its unyielding spirit, boasts a Janka rating of 3600, making it denser and more resistant than many of its woodland brethren. This score, this testament to its fortitude, assures households that the playful antics of children or the spirited frolics of pets won’t mar its surface. It’s as though the ipe invites life to dance upon it without fear. But, like all entities of the natural world, ipe too has its challenges. Its heartwood contains secrets – chemicals that can rebel against the uniform embrace of wood stains. The allure of ipe may beckon you, but remember, to truly bring out its beauty, it often requires the touch of a master’s hand. Many choose to receive it in its pre-finished glory, ready to silently support and endure the passages of life.

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