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Comparing Wood Flooring in Circle Bath & Queen Elizabeth Hospitals

Posted on May 18, 2023

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An In-depth Comparison: Wood Flooring in the New Hospitals Circle Bath and Queen Elizabeth Hospital

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, so do the designs and materials used within medical facilities. One design element that has recently taken centre stage in the industry is wood flooring. Today, we will delve into a comparative analysis of the wood flooring used in two renowned medical establishments: the new Hospitals Circle Bath and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Wood Flooring in Hospitals

Understanding the Evolution of Hospital Flooring

Historically, hospital flooring has been designed with practicality and hygiene in mind. From vinyl to rubber, materials were chosen for their ease of cleaning and durability. However, the rise of patient-centred care has led to a shift in perspective. Today, hospitals aim to create an environment that promotes healing, comfort, and overall patient well-being. This is where wood flooring comes in. Offering warmth, natural beauty, and a homely feel, wood flooring has found its way into the design blueprint of modern hospitals.

The New Hospitals Circle Bath: A Shift Towards Homeliness

The new Hospitals Circle Bath represents a significant shift in hospital design. Their choice to incorporate wood flooring is a testament to their commitment to patient comfort and wellness. The wood flooring in the Hospitals Circle Bath lends a warm, calming ambiance to the space, making the hospital feel less clinical and more home-like. The choice of wood species used in the flooring has been meticulously selected to achieve this aesthetic. Oak, renowned for its robustness and natural patterns, has been used throughout. Not only does it contribute to the overall appeal of the interiors, but it also offers the necessary durability a hospital setting demands. Moreover, a technologically advanced finish has been applied to the wood flooring in the Hospitals Circle Bath. This finish maintains the natural charm of the wood while providing superior protection against spills, scuffs, and general wear and tear. New Hospitals Circle Bath

Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Balancing Elegance with Practicality

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, on the other hand, also boasts wood flooring, but with a slightly different approach. The design team behind the hospital chose a darker wood species to add an element of elegance and sophistication. This choice results in an ambiance that is professional yet inviting, balancing healthcare needs with design aesthetics. The wood flooring in Queen Elizabeth Hospital consists mainly of walnut. This dark, rich wood enhances the professional ambiance while retaining a warm, welcoming feel. The intricate grain patterns of walnut add to the visual appeal, subtly complementing the state-of-the-art medical facilities within the hospital. Like the Hospitals Circle Bath, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has also prioritised durability and maintenance. The walnut flooring is finished with a high-tech coating that protects against damage, ensuring the floors stand up to the heavy foot traffic typical in a hospital setting. Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Comparison and Conclusion

When comparing the two, the Hospitals Circle Bath and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital both exemplify how wood flooring can be utilised effectively in a hospital setting. While they both employ different species of wood, the end goal is the same: to provide a more comfortable, less intimidating environment for patients. However, the Hospitals Circle Bath leans more towards a homely feel with the use of oak, while the Queen Elizabeth Hospital opts for a slightly more professional ambiance with walnut flooring. Both choices are reflective of the hospitals’ missions and values, showing how design elements can be an extension of a healthcare institution’s ethos. The future of hospital design seems to be moving towards a balance between functionality and aesthetics, and wood flooring is a key player in this movement. Its natural beauty, durability, and comforting ambiance make it a smart choice for modern healthcare facilities. It will be interesting to see how more hospitals adopt this trend in the future. For now, we can admire and appreciate the foresight of establishments like the new Hospitals Circle Bath and the Queen.

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