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Cypress Wood’s Elegance & Durability: Nature’s Best-Kept Flooring Secret

Posted on August 11, 2023

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Discovering the Timeless Beauty of Cypress Wood Flooring

In the tranquil embrace of nature, cypress stands out not just as any tree but as a sentinel, capturing stories of time and resilience in its very fibers. When one thinks of a cypress tree, it’s not merely a source of timber, but a memoir of the earth’s whisperings.

Drawn from the arms of this guardian tree, the wood unfurls its mysteries as not only a fitting choice for the warm underfoot of hardwood floors but also for decks that merge seamlessly with the outdoors. Envision its russet and amber hues gracing walls not for structural might, but as a canvas of nature’s artistry, even in siding.

At the heart of cypress lies a secret alchemy. Unlike many of its arboreal kin, the cypress weaves cypressene into its growth – a natural elixir. This innate chemistry blesses the wood with an aversion to the persistent crawl of insects and the slow, erosive embrace of rot. For those who reside in corners of our world where insects wage tiny wars, cypress is akin to a sanctuary.

Yet, cypress is a tapestry of contrasts. There is a tender side to it, a softness, reminiscent of the silken touch of moss. Some strains of cypress wear this gentleness, and while they can be coaxed to grace floors, they request a protective shield – a robust finish, to guard them against the inadvertent scuffs and nicks of time.

Then there is the ‘sinker’ cypress – a term that conjures images of age-old shipwrecks and timeless underwater tales. These pieces have slumbered in watery graves, absorbing stories of bygone eras for over a century. With our advancing age, we’ve learnt to lovingly lift them from their aquatic repose. The reward? Wood that is rich, with sapwood tales long faded, and heartwood that speaks of unmatched resistance.

Whatever the cypress tale you choose to embed into your abode, honor it. Let expert hands sand and polish it rhythmically, so that its narratives shine through, ageless and undiminished.

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