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African Hardwoods: The Rising Popularity of Badi and Tali

Posted on August 11, 2023


The Timeless Beauty and Strength of Badi and Tali African Hardwoods

In Africa’s expansive, varied lands, two hardwoods, Badi and Tali, have whispered their stories through the texture of their grains, garnering attention in recent times. Wood has always been a testament to the passage of time, bearing witness under our feet as a foundational mainstay in homes for countless generations. In bygone eras, the voices of trees echoed only within their native lands; their tales confined by the limits of ancient transportation. But today, the winds of change, propelled by advances in our ability to journey far and wide, have carried these timbers across vast oceans. No longer a distant dream, Western Europe can now embrace the rhythms of Africa beneath their feet without an exorbitant fee for such exotic tales. Consider the measure of strength in hardwoods, captured in the Janka Hardness Ratings. The red oak, a familiar entity, boasts a commendable score of nearly 1300 – resilient enough to endure the dance of time and footsteps. Yet, the songlines of the Badi and Tali hardwoods weave tales of even greater fortitude. Badi, with its fierce spirit, claims a score surpassing 1600. Meanwhile, Tali, a testament to nature’s profound strength, almost touches the 3000 mark. Their stories tell of resistance, of an innate ability to defy force, and wear away the challenges of time with grace. While the endurance of Badi and Tali sings of minimal repairs, a day may come when even they may require a gentle touch, a mending. And when such a time arrives, these timbers, steeped in rich tales, will embrace it with grace. Yet, beyond strength and durability, those who welcome Badi and Tali into their homes often seek something more intangible – the warmth, beauty, and stories etched in their hues and patterns.

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