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Olive Wood Flooring: Ancient Beauty Meets Modern Homes

Posted on August 11, 2023

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The Timeless Charm of Olive Wood Flooring

In the quiet murmurs of ancient landscapes, many of us recognize the olive tree primarily by the bountiful olives it offers. Yet the olive tree whispers another story, not just through its fruits but also its branches, which stretch out with the secrets of their timber. The wood of the olive tree, replete with history and resilience, finds its way to our homes in the form of hardwood flooring.

There is a gentle concern, an echo of thought that wonders about the wisdom of turning fruit-bearing trees into flooring material. But these trees share their branches, not in sacrifice but in symbiosis. Much of the hardwood does not come from their majestic trunks, but from the older branches, those that have grown weary and less generous with fruit. By allowing these branches to be repurposed, the tree itself finds rejuvenation, channeling more energy into bountiful fruit production.

These woods whisper tales from lands like Brazil, Africa, Italy, and Spain. The olive wood’s unique hue, a subtle green undertone, sets it apart, like an artist’s deliberate brushstroke amid a sea of browns. Streaks of light brown or yellow, sometimes even bold strokes of orange, dance across its surface.

The planks made from these storied trees usually measure about three inches in width and three-quarters in depth. Finding wider expanses of this wood is rare, as the story is often told not by the expansive trunk but by the slender, reaching branches. What sets olive wood apart is the richness of its oil content, like a reservoir of memories making the wood stable and enduring. Especially in parts of our dwelling where water might leave its fleeting marks, olive wood stands firm, its natural oils guarding against the embrace of moisture.

Yet, as with any tale, there are chapters of renewal. Olive wood flooring, too, will sometimes ask for the touch of sanding, like an old manuscript asking to be read and cherished once again.

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