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Top 3 Hurdles in Fully Furnished Apartments while Sanding floor

Posted on April 11, 2023


Floor sanding is an essential process for maintaining the aesthetics and durability of wooden floors. While the task can be relatively straightforward in an empty space, it becomes significantly more complicated when dealing with fully furnished apartments. This comprehensive blog post will dive deep into the top three challenges faced by homeowners and professionals alike when attempting to sand floors in furnished living spaces. We will also offer practical solutions to overcome these obstacles and help you restore the beauty of your hardwood floors.

1. Moving and protecting furniture

The first and foremost challenge in floor sanding projects within fully furnished apartments is the need to move and protect the furniture. This task can be time-consuming, labour-intensive, and potentially risky for both the furniture and the floor.

Moving Furniture

Before the sanding process can begin, all furniture must be relocated to provide sufficient space for the task. Depending on the size and weight of each piece, this may require multiple people or even professional movers. It is essential to carefully plan the relocation of the furniture to avoid damaging it or the unsanded floor beneath. Solution: Plan ahead and enlist help from friends, family, or professional movers. Ensure that all helpers are aware of proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. Use furniture sliders, dollies, or moving blankets to facilitate the relocation process and minimise the risk of damage to the floor and furniture. Moving furniture

Protecting Furniture

Once the furniture has been moved, it must be protected from the dust generated by floor sanding. This dust can settle into the fabric, joints, and crevices of your furniture, which can be difficult to remove and may cause long-term damage. Solution: Protect your furniture by covering it with plastic sheeting, tarps, or old bed sheets. Ensure that the coverings are secured tightly to prevent dust infiltration. If possible, relocate the furniture to another room or a temporary storage unit for the duration of the project. protecting furniture

2. Limited Space and Accessibility

The second challenge of sanding floors in fully furnished apartments is the limited space and accessibility. Smaller rooms and tight corners can make manoeuvring sanding equipment difficult and may lead to uneven results or damage to the floor.

Working in Small Spaces

Sanding large, open areas is relatively straightforward, but when dealing with small rooms or tight spaces, it can be challenging to achieve a consistent finish. Traditional drum sanders and belt sanders may not be suitable for these areas, requiring alternative tools and techniques. Solution: Use an edger or a handheld orbital sander for smaller spaces and hard-to-reach corners. These tools are designed to provide precision sanding in tight spaces, allowing you to achieve a consistent finish throughout the room. Be patient and work methodically to avoid oversanding or undersanding any areas.

Limited Accessibility

In addition to small spaces, fully furnished apartments may have limited accessibility due to built-in fixtures or architectural features such as columns, stairs, and raised platforms. These obstacles can make it challenging to sand the entire floor surface evenly. Solution: Employ specialised tools like detail sanders, which are designed for tight spaces and irregular surfaces. For stairs and raised platforms, consider using a combination of a handheld orbital sander and manual sanding techniques to ensure a consistent finish.

3. Dust Management

Floor sanding generates a significant amount of dust, which can pose health risks and create a mess in your living space. In fully furnished apartments, dust management becomes a paramount concern to protect the health of the occupants and prevent damage to furniture and belongings.

Health Risks

Inhaling wood dust can lead to respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health issues. It is crucial to minimize the risk of exposure to wood dust, especially in a fully furnished apartment where people are likely to be living during the sanding process.
Solution: Make sure to use proper protective equipment, such as a dust mask or respirator, safety goggles, and gloves. Ventilate the area during and after sanding by opening windows and using fans to disperse dust particles. Also, ensure that all air vents and HVAC systems are sealed to prevent dust from spreading to other parts of the apartment.

Dust Containment

Managing dust effectively is essential to protecting furniture, belongings, and surfaces from damage. In a fully furnished apartment, dust containment becomes even more critical, as the risk of damage is higher due to the presence of various items. Solution: Choose sanding equipment with a built-in dust collection system to minimise the amount of airborne dust produced during the sanding process. Additionally, use plastic sheeting, tarps, or drop cloths to seal off doorways and create a barrier between the work area and the rest of the apartment. Regularly vacuum and clean the work area during the project to prevent the buildup of dust.

Cleaning Up

After the sanding process is complete, a thorough cleaning is necessary to remove any remaining dust and debris. This step is crucial in a fully furnished apartment to ensure the living space is safe and comfortable for the occupants. Solution: Begin by vacuuming the entire work area with a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner to capture the finest dust particles. Follow this with a damp mop or microfiber cloth to remove any remaining dust from the floor. Clean all surfaces in the room, including walls, baseboards, and windowsills. Finally, remember to clean and inspect all furniture and belongings before returning them to the room.  

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Floor sanding in fully furnished apartments presents unique challenges, but with careful planning, the right tools, and a commitment to safety and cleanliness, these hurdles can be overcome. By addressing the issues of moving and protecting furniture, working in limited spaces, and managing dust effectively, you can successfully restore the beauty and durability of your hardwood floors while minimising disruption to your living space. With patience, diligence, and attention to detail, you can achieve professional-quality results and enjoy the timeless elegance of your wooden floors for years to come.  

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