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Hardwood Flooring Grades: Unveiling Their Unique Tales

Posted on August 12, 2023


Understanding Hardwood Flooring Grades: Standard vs. Select

In hardwood flooring, each artisan and manufacturer weaves its language, a mosaic of terms that signify the nuances and virtues of their crafted boards. To walk through this forest of terminologies, a few guideposts might serve the curious wanderer. The Wood of the Common Path: Standard Grade Hardwood “Standard grade,” or names akin to it, beckons to the very spirit of the wildwood that tells tales of the forests they once belonged to, each board a chapter unique from the next. While aligned true and straight, these boards bear the markings of time: the serpentine trails left by insects, the intricate spirals, burls, and the dark, ancient passages of gum veins. Some are drawn to this grade of wood out of the simple pragmatism of cost. Yet, for others, cost fades into the background. They find allure in the tapestry of the wood’s markings, each imperfection a breadcrumb tracing the tree’s life story. The Pristine Chronicles: Select Grade Hardwood A step into refinement and exclusivity is the “select grade.” A journey with this grade reveals a quieter narrative, with boards echoing more uniform tales on their surfaces. The time-consuming dance of sorting and selecting these uniform boards rightfully places a higher value on them. Yet, be it the vibrant tales of standard grade or the refined whispers of select quality, the paths they lay down in our homes share a common fate: the nurturing touch and care bestowed upon them by floor sanding artisans.

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