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Snap Together Hardwood Flooring: Ultimate Guide and Benefits

Posted on August 14, 2023


Exploring Snap Together Hardwood Flooring Options

In interior design, flooring is pivotal in creating a cohesive and appealing ambiance. Hardwood has always held a unique charm among the many flooring options available today. Its timeless beauty, natural warmth, and durability make it a favorite for homeowners and designers alike. One of the newer and more innovative entrants in the hardwood flooring world is “snap together” or “click lock” flooring. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into snap-together hardwood flooring, exploring its features, benefits, installation, and care.

1. What is Snap Together Hardwood Flooring?

Snap-together hardwood flooring, often called “click lock” or “floating” hardwood flooring, installs hardwood planks using a unique interlocking system. Each plank has a mechanism that allows it to “click” into place beside the adjacent plank, eliminating the need for nails, glue, or staples. This creates a floating floor, which isn’t directly attached to the subfloor beneath.

2. Advantages of Snap Together Hardwood Flooring

Ease of Installation: One of the most significant benefits is the ease of installation. Even for those who are not seasoned DIY enthusiasts, laying down snap-together flooring is relatively straightforward. Cost-effective: Without the need for additional adhesives or professional tools, homeowners can save on installation costs. Flexibility: Since the floor isn’t glued or nailed down, it can contract and expand with changes in humidity and temperature. This reduces the chances of the wood warping or cracking. Durability: These floors are built to last and resist daily wear and tear. The click-lock mechanism ensures a tight fit, maintaining a smooth and consistent surface.

3. Types of Snap Together Hardwood Flooring

Laminate: While not genuine hardwood, laminate snap-together flooring offers the appearance of wood at a fraction of the cost. It comprises a core of high-density fiberboard coated with a photographic image of wood and a protective overlay. Engineered Hardwood: This comprises multiple layers of wood, with the top layer of genuine hardwood. It offers the aesthetics of solid wood but is more resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Solid Hardwood Click Lock: Though less common, reliable hardwood options are available with the click lock mechanism. They offer the same depth and richness as traditional hardwood floors.

4. Installation Tips

Prepare the Subfloor: Before installation, ensure the subfloor is clean, dry, and level. Uneven surfaces can lead to unnecessary stress on the snap-together mechanism. Acclimate the Wood: Let the hardwood planks sit in the room they’ll be installed in for at least 48 hours. This helps them adjust to the room’s moisture and temperature. Start from a Corner: Begin your installation from one corner and move horizontally. This ensures a straight and aligned installation. Stagger the Seams: To achieve a more natural look, stagger the seams of the planks. This also adds to the structural integrity of the floor.

5. Care and Maintenance

Regular Cleaning: Use a soft broom or vacuum to remove dust and debris. Avoid using wet mops, as excess water can damage the wood. Use Protective Pads: Place pads under furniture legs to prevent scratching the floor. Refinishing: Engineered and solid hardwood snap-together floors can be refinished if they show signs of wear. However, laminates cannot be refinished. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Use curtains or blinds to protect the flooring from prolonged direct sunlight, which can cause fading.


Snap-together hardwood flooring offers homeowners beauty, durability, and convenience. Whether renovating your existing space or planning interiors for a new home, this flooring option perfectly blends aesthetics and functionality. Its ease of installation and cost-effectiveness, combined with the timeless appeal of hardwood, make it a worthy consideration for your flooring needs. As with any significant home investment, always consult with professionals, research brands, and seek reviews to ensure you make an informed choice.

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