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DecorWood: The Future of Luxurious, Long-Lasting Flooring

Posted on August 7, 2023


DecorWood by Quick-Step: A Fusion of Wood and Laminate for Superior Flooring | Quick-Step Innovations

In the gentle cadence of innovation and craft, an amalgamation of nature’s grain and human ingenuity emerges. Quick-Step, an American tapestry of design, unveils not just another plank to tread upon, but an ode to the forests and the carpenters: DecorWood. This offering, with its whispers of the wilderness and the sleek touch of modernity, stands as a bridge between the rich authenticity of wood and the resilience of laminate. Quick-Step, whose roots delve deep into the world of technological wonder, stands firm in their commitment to bring forth not just aesthetic delight but also affordability. Roger Farabee, who lends his vision as the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Unilin, the gentle hand that guides Quick-Step, believes DecorWood to be a new horizon — offering a glimpse of distant woods, manifested in the grandeur of 6-3/4 foot planks, all without taxing the common purse. This novel creation sings the tales of five distinct forests: the deep embrace of Brazilian Walnut, the mystique of Garnet Tupelo, the sunlit dance of Golden Eucalyptus, the passionate embrace of Crimson Jarrah, and the tender lullaby of Claret Cherry. As with an artist’s final brushstroke, these woods are married to matching hardwood moulds, granting an uninterrupted narrative to the long, enduring tales they tell. But the tale does not end with mere aesthetics. With a heightened resistance to the sun’s relentless march, these planks retain their tales, their hues, and their essence for ages. Their hybrid nature ensures that the weariness of time barely touches them, promising longevity seldom seen. Yet, as with every song, every tale, it awaits an audience. Whether the shores of the United Kingdom will echo with the tales these floors tell remains in the embrace of time. But, Erinn Valencich, a partner in this dance of design, feels a stir, a promise of significant change upon the horizon of the industry.

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