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Norfolk Island Pine: Nature’s Story from Oceania’s Heart to Global Floors

Posted on August 10, 2023


The Legacy of Norfolk Island Pine: A Journey from Root to Floorboard

In the tapestry of wood species that grace our planet, the Norfolk Island pine has etched a niche, not just as a bearer of weight and history beneath our feet, but also as a testimony to the intertwining of natural history and human endeavors. It whispers names reminiscent of distant voyages and colonial tales – the Cooks pine, pin colonnaire, sapin de montagne. But don’t be swayed by the botanical title, Araucaria cookii; it’s a narrative deeper than nomenclature. Though one might conjure images of English moors when hearing its name, the Norfolk Island pine, in reality, unfurls its branches primarily in the sun-drenched locales of Oceania, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The moniker it bears is less a testament to its native soil and more a reflection of historical epochs marked by British expeditions and aspirations. In the present day, the footfalls on floors crafted from this pine resonate most profoundly from timbers harvested in South Africa, the volcanic terrains of Hawaii, and the verdant stretches of New Caledonia Island – a fleck of French legacy amidst the vastness of Oceania. Intriguingly, the latter is whispered to be the pine’s original cradle. Tree’s Whisper These sentinels of nature, mature and proud, can spread their girth to an impressive 20 inches, revealing a tapestry of sapwood and heartwood that dance together in a harmonious hue. While the sapwood plays with softer tints, the heartwood delves into richer light browns, occasionally punctuated with knots of deeper browns or even shades that hint at the night sky. Care and reverence are essential for those privileged to have floors of Norfolk Island pine underfoot. Periodic sanding and finishing are its sustenance, and to truly honor this wood’s story, seeking expertise, perhaps from a wood floor sanding company in London, might be a step in the right direction. Masterfully restored engineered oak floor in Westminster WC1 by Mr Sander®, highlighting rich grain patterns with Junckers Strong satin finish.

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