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The Good News for Parquet Flooring: Why Its Comeback Matters

Posted on July 15, 2023


The Resurgence of Parquet Flooring: Exploring the Revival and Its Benefits

Parquet flooring, a classic flooring choice known for its unique patterns and traditional appeal, is making a triumphant return. This once outdated flooring style has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, a trend that spells good news for homeowners and design enthusiasts alike. This blog post explores why parquet flooring is back in vogue and what this resurgence means for the flooring industry.

Parquet Flooring: A Brief Overview

Parquet flooring originated in France in the late 17th century and quickly became a symbol of luxury and elegance. Its unique geometric patterns, often resembling herringbone, basket, or chevron, made it a standout choice for homeowners looking to make a statement. The flooring typically comprises solid wood, but modern variations also include engineered wood.

The Resurgence of Parquet Flooring

The comeback of parquet flooring can be attributed to several key factors:

The Appeal of Unique Patterns

The craving for unique and visually pleasing floor designs is one factor driving the resurgence of parquet flooring. The intricate geometric patterns of parquet are unmatched by regular hardwood flooring, making it a preferred choice for homeowners looking for a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Increased Appreciation for Vintage Styles

The renewed interest in vintage and retro styles in home décor has significantly influenced the revival of parquet flooring. Parquet floors are a perfect way to introduce a touch of nostalgia and charm into modern interiors.

Technological Advances

Modern manufacturing methods have improved the quality and diversity of parquet flooring options available to consumers. Today’s parquet floors offer improved durability and easier installation compared to their historical counterparts, making them a more accessible choice for homeowners.

Why the Resurgence Matters: Benefits of Parquet Flooring

This resurgence isn’t just good news for the aesthetics of homes; it brings several other benefits:


Parquet floors are known for their durability. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for generations, making them a worthy investment for homeowners.

Value Addition

A well-installed parquet floor can significantly boost the value of your home due to its unique appeal and the perception of luxury it carries.


Parquet flooring is incredibly versatile, able to blend seamlessly with various interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary. The wide range of patterns and wood species available allows homeowners to customize their floors to their liking.

Caring for Parquet Flooring

Despite the renewed interest and benefits of parquet flooring, it’s essential to note that they require specific care to maintain their beauty:

Regular Cleaning

Parquet floors should be cleaned regularly with a soft broom or vacuum to remove dust and grit. Use a damp mop sparingly, as excess water can damage the wood.

Avoid Scratches

Use protective pads under furniture and avoid dragging heavy objects across the floor to prevent scratching.


Over time, parquet floors may require sanding and refinishing to restore their original lustre. This process should generally be left to professionals to avoid damaging the intricate patterns.

Conclusion: A Positive Trend for Parquet Flooring

The resurgence of parquet flooring represents a celebration of traditional craftsmanship, the desire for uniqueness, and an appreciation of enduring style. Its increasing popularity underscores the flooring industry’s evolution, indicating a promising future for this vintage flooring style.

Whether you are renovating an old home or designing a new one, consider the charm, durability, and elegance that parquet flooring brings. Not only will you be investing in a long-lasting flooring option, but you will also be partaking in a design tradition that spans centuries, marking your home with a timeless appeal.

Ultimately, the good news for parquet flooring is good news for all who value design, quality, and a dash of vintage charm in their living spaces. It’s an affirmation that truly classic design elements never fade; they merely await their turn to shine again.

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