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Posted on August 16, 2023

Hardwood Floors Sanding News

Revitalize Your Business Space with Expert Commercial Floor Sanding

Because industrial wood floors are more extensive and busier than floors in homes, common sense states that commercial wood floor sanding not only requires but deserves additional protection. Gym halls, indoor sporting arenas, bowling alleys, showrooms and exhibition halls, hotels, pubs and restaurants with polished hardwood floors should ensure their commercial ship does not ‘spoil for a ha’porth of tar’. Hardwood flooring is a clean, on-trend and eco-friendly alternative to carpeting and tiles and has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity as borders around swimming pools and hot tubs when properly sealed and treated. The downside to commercial hardwood floors (if indeed there is one) must be that they are high-traffic areas. However, this should not dissuade the business owner with an eye for the aesthetics of their business from choosing natural wood flooring.  High-end luxury Highly polished, beautiful wood floors speak of success, quality and timeless style, so many upper-end showrooms use wood flooring as a backdrop to their showpiece luxury products. Traditional public buildings such as libraries, local council offices and registrars will, if they are fortunate enough to have retained them, do all they can to keep these wood flooring gems as, once installed, natural wood is not difficult to maintain. Wood flooring is arguably the most cost-effective form of commercial flooring. In a domestic setting, one can expect to get ten years from a floor before refinishing is required; even a high-traffic thoroughfare can expect, with regular maintenance, to get 3-4 years before rejuvenation is needed. This makes wood flooring far more practical and cost-effective than any other form of floor covering. Your floor is your subliminal advertisement. However, when the time comes when your floor, despite regular cleaning and buffing, begins to lose its glow, then refinishing is required. The restoration of a commercial floor should be seen as an investment, not an expense. The base is the first thing your customer sees when they enter your premises, and if that floor is clean, smooth and shiny, then it is an unconscious advertisement that your products and services are of the same quality. This also holds for a floor that is less than spick and span. Commercial areas may be larger than domestic premises. Still, they are also more regularly shaped, and an experienced floor sanding contractor will probably take no more than a day or two to complete refinishing work, such as floor sanding and polishing, with minimal disruption and inconvenience. No matter the type of wood, professional techniques bring each floor back to singular beauty, ready once again to welcome customers to your place of business. Business owners can take this opportunity for a change of veneer or perhaps of colour. All finishing products used in UK floor renovations are toxin free and pose no harm to children or animals. In addition to the intrinsic look of the premises, a beautiful and well-maintained floor ensures the longevity of the wood and a makeover as and when required every few years or so will undoubtedly mean the floor lasts for many years. If your premises are in the market for a renovated wood floor, don’t trust your business’s look to anyone other than a tried and proven floor sanding specialist who will fully guarantee all word and finish to timescale. The wise businessperson will seek a no-cost, no-obligation quotation and floor assessment using specialist opinions and ideas. Even if you are unsure as to the age of the floor or when it was last renovated, a specialist flooring assessor will be able to make an educated guess and suggest the best way to redo the bed to the best effect.

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