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Top Reasons to Use Bona Traffic for Your High-Traffic Wooden Floors

Posted on June 30, 2023


The Unmatched Benefits of Bona Traffic for High-Traffic Wooden Floors

Wooden floors add an alluring touch of sophistication to any space. But when it comes to high-traffic areas like schools, gyms, and shops, these floors undergo more wear and tear. The solution? A high-quality finish like Bona Traffic. Let’s delve into why Bona Traffic is the go-to choice for protecting sanded wooden floors in these high-traffic areas.

Understanding the Need for Protection: The Case of High-Traffic Areas

Before we plunge into the specifics of Bona Traffic, it’s important to understand the unique challenges that schools, gyms, and shops present for wooden floors.

The Demands of Schools

Schools are bustling environments where hundreds, if not thousands, of students traverse the corridors every day. The floors endure the constant pounding of shoes, occasional spills, the dragging of furniture, and much more.

Challenges in Gyms

Gyms, with their heavy fitness equipment and regular high-impact workouts, present their own unique set of challenges. They need a finish that can withstand the continuous stress without compromising on aesthetics or safety.

Retail’s Constant Foot Traffic

In shops and retail stores, the floor is a part of the ambiance and can contribute to the shopping experience. However, constant foot traffic, merchandise carts, and displays take a toll on these surfaces.

Bona Traffic: A Brief Introduction

Bona Traffic is a waterborne, commercial, and residential hardwood floor finish. It’s renowned for its high durability and is often recommended for use in high-traffic areas such as schools, gyms, and commercial retail spaces.

Why Bona Traffic?

Let’s dive into why Bona Traffic is the best choice for these environments.

Unparalleled Durability

Bona Traffic is specifically designed to withstand high-traffic wear and tear. With its superior resistance to scuff marks, scratches, and chemicals, it’s able to maintain its pristine condition longer than most traditional finishes.


Unlike oil-based finishes, Bona Traffic doesn’t yellow over time. This means that the original color and grain of the wood remain as vibrant and visible as the day the finish was first applied.

Quick Drying Time

Bona Traffic dries quickly, which minimizes disruption to the daily routine in a busy environment.

Safety Considerations

Bona Traffic boasts a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) level, making it safe for use in enclosed spaces. This makes it a responsible choice for environments like schools, where the health and safety of the students are of utmost importance.

Easy Maintenance

Floors finished with Bona Traffic are easy to clean and maintain. They don’t require waxing or polishing, which can be a labor-intensive process in large areas like gyms, schools, or shops.

Case Studies


Many schools worldwide have turned to Bona Traffic for their wooden floors. Not only does it hold up to the constant traffic, but it also retains its aesthetic appeal, contributing to a conducive learning environment.


Bona Traffic is also the preferred choice for many gyms. Its high resistance to heavy traffic and weights, combined with its non-yellowing property, makes it the perfect fit for this demanding environment.


Retail spaces, particularly high-end shops, value the aesthetic appeal of their interiors. Bona Traffic’s ability to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, coupled with its high durability, makes it a perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

Bona Traffic offers the perfect solution for protecting and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of wooden floors in high-traffic environments like schools, gyms, and shops. Its high durability, quick drying time, non-yellowing property, safety considerations, and easy maintenance make it a reliable and sensible choice. By choosing Bona Traffic, you are not just making a choice for a superior wood floor finish. You are also choosing a healthier indoor environment and a sustainable future.

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