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Top 50 Home Enhancement Blogs You Should Follow – Here’s Why

Posted on June 20, 2023

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We know that home improvement and renovation jobs are easier said than done. An afternoon with a flat-pack wardrobe and some painfully vague instructions can quickly reveal the frustrating nature of DIY. But doing it yourself can be a great way to fix up your home while saving money.
To help you do this the right way, we have compiled a list of our 50 favourite home improvement blogs, and why they are all well worth a read.

1) HowStuffWorks


Why? To find out, well, how stuff works. The Home & Garden section of this award winning resource can tell you everything from which questions you should ask a contractor, to which are the best carpets for allergy sufferers.

2) The Apron Blog

apron blog

Why? The Home Depot’s Apron Blog has a great selection of DIY ideas, arranged by room so you can focus on one part of your home at a time. Dozens of home improvement bloggers contribute so you can be sure of some top tips.



Why? Simple, straightforward tips on home renovation with clear dos and don’ts to keep you safe and to help you get the finish you want.

4) Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy

Why? Simple, straightforward tips on home renovation with clear dos and don’ts to keep you safe and to help you get the finish you want.

5) Lowe’s


Why? A whole heap of how tos, from how to seal and stain a deck to installing spray foam installation in a basement. More Lowe’s tips are available via Twitter.

6) Better Homes and Gardens

home and gardens

Why? For aspirational content on creating dream homes…and gardens – obviously.

7) Interiors by Kenz

Interiors by Kenz

Why? Kenz is a super cool blogger with loads of ideas to spruce up an interior. Image attached for this site.

8) Popular Mechanics

popular mechanics
popular mechanics2

Why? This site looks at all kinds of mechanical matters, but you’ll find its home improvement pages particularly useful if you want to learn some quick lessons in maintenance, decoration and renovation.

9) Zoopla blog



Why? To picture your ideal property, see what you can afford (and what you can’t!) and read articles on how to get the finish you want in your home.

10) diy network

diy network

Why? For a world of advice on seemingly every aspect of DIY. Get more tips via Twitter and Facebook.

11) HomeAdvisor HomeSource


Why? For how tos, home design inspiration and room by room advice on making the most of your pad.

12) do it yourself

do it yourself

Why? Tips on fixing up your home without having to fork out for professional help. You can access forums here too to get answers to your specific questions.

13) Country Living

country living

Why? To see what your home could be, with the right design, renovation work and furnishings.

14) Home Improvement for Dummies



Why? Because sometimes we can be dummies about these things. Basic but vital tips and how tos to improve your home.




Why? For ideas on gorgeous interiors and architectural inspiration for those of you considering a grand design.

houselogic blog

house logic

Why? Not only tips on how to improve your home, but how to protect it, how to undertake preventative maintenance and how to live a greener life in your property.


Why? For remodelling tips (often quite substantial), but also advice on saving space, flooring materials and even cleaning. Bob also posts home improvement videos on the site, as well as on his YouTube channel.


Young House Love

young house love

Why? Sherry and John write this charming home improvement and family blog, which has become a big hit on the web. They share their ongoing education in DIY, as well as their projects, with tips and how tos aplenty.

Why? Because it’s full of how to articles and videos on everything from LED lighting to heating installation and much more.


The Family Handyman


Why? This publisher of numerous DIY books kindly shares top tips on home chores in articles and videos on this site, and on Twitter.




Why? For interior design inspiration as well as more substantial home renovation ideas.

22) This Old House


Why? Those of you with a passion for aging architecture with promise can discover the best ways to restore and renovate here. This Old House is a great resource for information on historic home preservation and improvement.
23) Home Goods Design Happy

home goods

Why? Artistic ideas on interior design to add colour and life to your home.


The Inspired Room

Why? Melissa Michaels’ site has been voted the 2014 Readers’ Favourite Decorating Blog by Better Homes and Garden Magazine – and there’s a good reason for that!


Today’s Homeowner

todays homeowner

Why? Renowned home improvement expert Danny Lipford has presented 15 seasons of his own home TV show and this expertise is also on hand here, in an extensive range of articles and videos that are well worth checking out.


wood magazine

Why? For plenty of good wood tips, from drilling to choosing the right materials and tools. The forum is another great resource where you can talk oak, pine or mahogany.




Why? Charming bloggers Justin and Cassity take you through the inspiring ways they’ve done up their home, as well as sharing guest projects and top tips lists.

Retro renovation


Why? Because sometimes you have to step back in time to get the best contemporary look. Retro renovation offers guidance on fusing vintage style with a functional modern home.


One Project Closer

Why? For detailed home improvement articles and guides with plenty of pictures, plus super-useful how to videos. Insight also shared on Twitter and Facebook.

30) in my own style

in my own style

Why? Diane Henkler is a home blogger with a world of ideas and advice on everything from upcycling old junk to the best kinds of chalk paint to use.

31) The Ugly Duckling House


Why? Because blogger Sarah Fogle is ‘the Pocahontas on home repair’(!) Find out more on the site or Facebook.


Home Improvement Blog

home improvement blog

Why? For simple, sound, straightforward advice on home renovations – just what you need.


Why? Comprehensive guides on remodelling your home, from planning a project to getting the initial inspiration.


Condo Blues

condo blues

Why? Writer and DIYer Lisa has plenty of tips on making the most of your home while living in an eco-conscious way.


Seventh House on the Left

seventh house

Why? Web developer Greg and graphic designer Ashley are the couple who run Seventh House on the Left. They take you through the renovation projects they find themselves facing in their increasingly attractive Virginia ranch. These guys are very active on Facebook and Twitter too.


Atlanta Home Improvement

atlanta home improvement

Why? Despite being based in Atlanta this site offers sound guidance on remodelling your home and landscaping your garden for DIYers worldwide.


Lovely Crafty Home

lovely crafty home

Why? Well, to get a lovely craft home of course! And expert tutorials on home décor, sewing, home improvement and furniture.


HomeAdvisor HomeSource


Why? For how to guides on renovating your house and garden, plus insight on how to create an eco home.’


Live Love DIY

Why? Because the very entertaining blogger Virginia has loads of tips on making something old into something new, and renovating every room in your place in an affordable way.


Tidy House

tidy house

Why? Because even a beautifully decorated home looks terrible if it’s a mess. Top tips on organising, cleaning and rodent-proofing!


Home Pro’s Guide

home pros guide

Why? For the array of featured articles written by industry professionals. Pieces are published regularly on Twitter too.


DIY Show Off

Why? Roeshel dreams of a beautiful home and aims to make your dream home a reality, with awesome inspiration for DIY projects in articles, pictures and videos.


3 acres

3 acres

Why? This blogs tells the tale of Robin and her husband ‘Flannel Man’, and their newlywed adventure, renovating their 1970s home. Lots of tips for those of you with a fixer-upper.



Why? Founder Julie Carlson has created a sleek, clean looking site that is full of ideas to help you make your home as stylish as can be.


Rafter Tales

rafter tales

Why? For no-nonsense guides on how to do the jobs that will improve your home today.




Why? A selection of articles and guest posts covering all areas of home design and renovation.



home fixated

Why? A must for all you power tool junkies with lots of advice to help you do the job right, while staying safe.


House in Progress

house in progress

Why? Home ideas, product reviews and tales of DIY discovery from Aaron and Jeannie.


Cottage Magpie

cottage magpie

Why? Angela shares a wealth of knowledge and tips on crafts, decorating and DIY. Perfect for those with a penchant for country cottage chic.

So there they are, the 50 best home improvement blogs…and why you should read them.
Of course this is just our humble opinion and we’re sure there are loads more out there that are worth checking out, so let us know what your favourites are and what we might have missed from our list.


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