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Sanding wood floors Project at Rudolf Steiner House | Mr Sander®

Posted on June 2, 2023

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What was the job?

We travelled to the Rudolf Steiner House and Theatre for a big project maintaining floors within the building.


Our work spanned three floors and there were several rooms on each. The rooms were not all completely clear when we worked in them so we had to be extra careful to avoid damaging any of the furniture or artefacts. The nature of the job meant it would be quite time consuming. Areas (first floor): Office- 4.3 m2 Library- 44.4 m2 Time taken: 3 days Areas (second floor): Corridors and small spaces of 8.3 m2, 67.9 m2, 14.6 m2, 11.9 m2, 6 m2 and 9.1 m2. Time taken:

6 days Areas (third floor): Stage- 6.8 m2 Area 2- 64.8 m2 Studio- 54.6 m2 Steps- two treads and risers Time taken: 6 days

How the floor looked before we started work

before1 before2

What we did 

The level of work required for each floor was not the same so the processes changed slightly. For the first floor, work was mostly routine. After sanding, we used a cosmetic gap fill and added five coats of lacquer, one more than usual. Before we could start work on the second floor, we needed to work around the piano is one room. Instead of moving it away completely, we work in two halves so it could be on one side of the room while we were on the other. The sanding process was then similar to that for the first floor. The third floor procedure was very similar to the second, with a grand piano to move away from our machines. After the surfaces were sanded, buffed and vacuumed, we added a coat of base prime followed by four coats of clear commercial lacquer.

During the floor restoration

during1 during2 during3

The results

We avoided any damage to the rooms or items within them and achieved a high quality finish to the wood. With the lacquer, the wood will be resistant to scratches that can result from heavy foot traffic. If the floors are cared for, it may be a few years before they need sanding work again.

After we finished the job

after1 after2 after3 after4 after5 after6 after7 after8 after9 after10 after11 after12 after13 after14 after15    

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