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Professional Hardwood Floor Installation: From Preparation to Sanding and Finishing

Posted on May 12, 2023


What to expect from a hardwood floor installation

Do you find yourself marvelling at the timeless elegance of hardwood floors? You’re not alone. The aesthetic appeal, warmth, and durability of hardwood flooring make it a popular choice for homeowners. While installing a hardwood floor yourself may seem like a worthwhile DIY project, it is often best left to the professionals. This intricate task involves precise preparation, meticulous laying of hardwood planks, thorough sanding, and expert finishing. It’s a labour-intensive process that necessitates specialised tools and equipment, particularly for sanding and finishing.

Why consider professional installation?

Homeowners may underestimate the complexities of hardwood floor installation, viewing it as merely glueing or nailing down planks. However, the process is far more intricate, starting with a properly prepared subfloor and ending with a beautifully finished hardwood floor.

Installation in detail

1. Subfloor preparation

The first step in hardwood floor installation is preparing the subfloor. This foundational stage is crucial because any imperfections on the subfloor can lead to squeaking or uneven flooring. The subfloor must be clean, dry, and level. If there are any irregularities, the professional installer will use levelling compounds or other techniques to ensure a flat surface. This attention to detail allows for a smooth and solid foundation for the hardwood planks.

wood Subfloor preparation

2. Layout and Installation

Once the subfloor is prepared, the hardwood planks are meticulously laid out across the entire floor. This step involves more than just placing planks on the subfloor. Professionals consider the direction of the floor joists, the room’s shape, and the source of natural light to decide on the best layout. They’ll also allow for expansion space around the perimeter to accommodate the natural movement of the wood caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

The planks are then fastened to the subfloor, typically using a nailing pattern of four to six inches. This secure attachment ensures the stability and longevity of your hardwood floor.

Sanding in detail

Sanding is another complex phase of hardwood floor installation that requires expertise and specialised equipment. It’s not just about smoothing the floor; it’s about preparing the surface for staining and finishing of wood floors.

Expert team utilizing a high-powered 440v polishing machine with a 507mm driving plate and employing a 60grit screen to restore and enhance the luster of a parquet floor, resulting in a flawless and radiant finish. Witness the artistry and precision of their craftsmanship as they transform the wooden surface into a stunning masterpiece.

1. Filling and fixing

Before the actual floor sanding begins, a custom wood filler is troweled into any cracks or imperfections. This step ensures a uniform and level surface.

2. Sanding Process

Professional floor sanding equipment is then used to buff the floor, removing any rough spots, scratches, or old finish. The floor is sanded multiple times, starting with coarse-grit sandpaper to remove major imperfections and then gradually transitioning to finer grits for a smooth finish.

Wood Floor Sanding and Polishing

Dust Mitigation

Dust mitigation is an essential part of the floor sanding process. Without the right procedures and equipment, dust can permeate your home, leading to prolonged cleaning and potential adverse effects. Professional installers use dust containment systems to minimise dust dispersion, ensuring your home remains as clean as possible.

dust containment systems

Staining and Finishing

Once the floor is sanded and dust-free, it’s ready for staining. Staining wood floors is an art that can significantly enhance the beauty of your hardwood floor. It brings out the grain and can help achieve the colour that best matches your interior design.

The final step is applying a finish, which protects your floor from wear and tear and adds a touch of sheen. There are different types of finishes available, such as polyurethane, varnish, and oil, each offering different levels of durability, ease of application, and aesthetic appeal.

Lightfast stain application

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Installing a hardwood floor is a significant investment that can dramatically enhance the beauty and value of your home. While the process is labour-intensive and requires specialised skills and tools, professional installation ensures that every step is executed with precision. From subfloor preparation and plank installation to sanding your floors, dust mitigation, staining and finishing hardwood floors, professionals provide a seamless service that guarantees a stunning and durable hardwood floor. Choosing professional installation means you’re not just investing in a hardwood floor but also in the craftsmanship that ensures its longevity.

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