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Top 2023 Euro Wood Floor Trends: Sustainable, Chic & Classic Designs

Posted on April 27, 2023


Discover the Hottest Wood Flooring Trends in Europe for 2023: From Eco-Friendly to Elegant

Wooden flooring has always held a special place in interior design, providing a timeless and versatile foundation for any room. As we step into 2023, European wood floor trends are showcasing a beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary styles. This blog post explores the most popular trends sweeping across Europe, offering insights and inspiration for your next renovation project. From natural finishes and reclaimed materials to bold patterns and eco-friendly options, discover the latest and greatest in European wood floor design. Top 2023 Euro Wood Floor Trends
  1. Wide Plank Flooring

One of the most significant trends emerging in 2023 is wide plank flooring. These expansive boards create a spacious, open feel in any room, and their popularity has soared across Europe. Wide planks typically measure between 180mm and 260mm in width, with lengths that can reach up to 3 metres. This style offers a range of benefits, including fewer seams, easier maintenance, and a more unified aesthetic. Wide Plank Flooring
  1. Natural Finishes

Natural finishes are making a strong comeback in 2023 as homeowners and designers opt for authentic, organic looks. Oiled and hard-wax finishes are gaining popularity for their ability to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood grain while providing excellent durability. These finishes allow the wood to breathe, adapt to humidity changes, and develop a rich patina over time.
  1. Reclaimed and antique wood floors

Sustainability is more important than ever, and the use of reclaimed and antique wood flooring has skyrocketed in response. These materials not only offer a unique, rustic charm but also minimise the environmental impact of new production. Reclaimed wood floors come from sources like old barns, factories, and warehouses, while antique floors are typically salvaged from historic buildings. Each plank boasts a one-of-a-kind appearance that adds character and depth to any space. Reclaimed and antique wood floors
  1. Herringbone and chevron patterns

Bold patterns are all the rage in 2023, with herringbone and chevron leading the pack. These classic designs inject a sense of luxury and sophistication into a room and can be achieved with both solid and engineered wood. Herringbone consists of rectangular planks laid in a zigzag pattern, while chevron planks are cut at an angle and meet to form a continuous V-shape. Both styles create a stunning visual impact and can be used to define different zones within an open-plan space. Wooden Flooring Trends for 2023
  1. Matte and low-gloss finishes

In 2023, matte and low-gloss finishes will have dethroned high-gloss as the preferred choice for European wood floors. These understated finishes provide a more natural, subdued appearance that complements a wide range of design styles. Matte and low-gloss options also tend to show fewer scratches and scuffs, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.
  1. Light and neutral tones

As minimalist and Scandinavian design continue to dominate the European market, light and neutral-toned wood floors have become increasingly popular. Pale shades of oak, ash, and birch create a clean, airy feel that can make smaller spaces appear larger. These lighter hues also provide a versatile base for a variety of interior design styles, from modern to traditional. Light and neutral wood floors
  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable options

In line with the global focus on sustainability, eco-friendly wood flooring options are on the rise in 2023. Bamboo, cork, and responsibly sourced wood species like FSC-certified oak have all gained traction in recent years. These materials offer a lower carbon footprint and promote responsible forestry practises, making them an attractive choice for environmentally conscious consumers.
  1. Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring has become increasingly popular in Europe due to its durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Composed of a hardwood veneer layer bonded to a plywood or HDF core, engineered wood provides the appearance of solid wood with added stability and resistance to moisture. This makes it an ideal choice for use in areas with fluctuating humidity levels, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, engineered wood flooring is available in a wide range of species, finishes, and patterns, allowing homeowners to achieve their desired look without compromising on performance. Engineered wood flooring
  1. Grey and whitewashed wood floors

In 2023, grey and whitewashed wood floors will continue to be a favourite choice among European homeowners seeking a contemporary, chic aesthetic. These tones create a calm, neutral backdrop that pairs well with a variety of colour schemes and design styles. Grey and whitewashed floors can be achieved through staining or a liming process, which involves applying a white-tinted wax or oil to the wood surface. Grey and White-Washed Floors 
  1. Textured and distressed surfaces

Textured and distressed wood floors have emerged as a popular trend for those seeking a more rustic, lived-in look. These floors feature intentional imperfections, such as hand-scraped marks, wire brushing, or even saw marks, which add character and depth to the wood’s surface. This trend is particularly popular with reclaimed and antique wood floors, as it enhances the natural patina and history of the material. Textured and distressed

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As we move through 2023, the most popular wood floor trends in Europe showcase a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation. From reclaimed materials and eco-friendly options to bold patterns and contemporary finishes, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your next flooring project. Whether you’re renovating a historic home or designing a modern space, these trends offer endless possibilities for creating a stunning, stylish foundation. Embrace the unique character and charm of wood flooring while staying on trend with the latest developments in the industry.

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