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Mafi Naturholzboden: Revolutionary Water-Resistant Wooden Flooring

Posted on August 17, 2023

Floor Sanding News

Introducing Mafi’s Award-Winning Water-Resistant Beechwood Flooring

In the midst of Austria’s green landscapes, where trees whisper tales of time, Mafi Naturholzboden brings forth a testament to human ingenuity and nature’s resilience – wooden floors fit for a bathroom. Revered by the heralds of design at the ‘Red Dot’, this beechwood tale intertwines the craft of humanity with the spirit of the woods, revealing a flooring resilient against the very essence of life – water. The Mafi Carving Club I, as poetic as it sounds, harmoniously blends functionality with art. With the allure of patterns one might chance upon in nature’s vast canvases, it’s not just another wooden surface. It’s a hymn to nature’s rhythm. Imagine a wooden floor breathing beneath your feet. The Carving Club I, untouched by the synthetic embrace of lacquer, blooms under the kiss of natural oil. Mafi speaks of its resilience, not in the cold language of engineering, but in the spirit of Earth’s secrets. It thrives on simplicity – a touch of soap, a splash of water, and it gleams, untouched by time. And the darkness of its tone? It’s a gentle dance of wood with heat, a thermal embrace that gifts it resistance to life’s spills and splashes without surrendering to chemicals. The very process preserves the wood’s heart, curbing its innate urge to swell or shrink. Yet, Mafi’s song doesn’t end in its functionality. The system of ‘haptics’, akin to nature’s hidden languages, brings forth designs from the depths of imagination. Among them, the ‘Burberry’ design stands tall – not just a feast for the eyes but a tactile wonder, ensuring footsteps are sure and secure. Nature, in all its grandeur and nuance, remains the guiding light for Mafi. Friedrich Fillafer, the voice at the helm of Mafi, says, “Our creations are but mere reflections, inspired by the artistry of nature. Wood’s knots, its tales of cracks, and its myriad structures – that’s where our stories begin. For in nature, we find the ultimate designer.” With every plank, Mafi captures the soul of the forest, marrying it with the nuances of modernity to craft spaces fit for rejuvenation, be it in homes, wellness centres, or even gyms. And as we move towards a world where sustainability isn’t just an option but a clarion call, Mafi heeds it with pride. Eschewing chemicals, they embrace nature’s ways, proving that reverence for the Earth yields marvels. Setting a gold standard, Mafi beckons us to re-imagine spaces, from kitchens to bathrooms, with wood’s warm embrace. Their victory at the Red Dot awards isn’t mere recognition, but an acknowledgment of a harmonious symphony between man, nature, and innovation. As word spreads across the continent, Mafi stands as a beacon of what’s possible when we dance in tune with nature.

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