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Hardwood Flooring: DIY Installation vs. Hiring Experts

Posted on July 1, 2023

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Exploring Hardwood Flooring: DIY Installation vs. Professional Services

The old saying ‘one man’s meat, another man’s poison’ is particularly applicable in the current downward economic trend, where the ‘meat’ of purchasing power is very much reduced across the country and the world. But it does mean that homeowners in the market for new hardwood flooring can negotiate favorable raw material prices and installation costs.

With many hardwood floors sanding companies competing for business, now may be the right time for the consumer looking to re-floor a room or even an entire home within budget to employ a band of specialist wood flooring professionals at an agreeable price.

Choosing the best deal for you

If the above describes you and your current situation, obtaining a no-obligation quotation for flooring installation is worthwhile before deciding whether to go ahead and self-install. With the sluggish economic situation set to carry on into 2014 at least, the canny consumer can use this work to his advantage to source the best and most cost-effective flooring deal on the market. Even if self-installation is decided upon, then floor-purchasing consumers are in a strong position to bargain the cost of raw materials.

If you are physically fit and looking for a challenging project, laying your floor from scratch may be a welcome task. However, be prepared to spend many hours on your hands and knees in cramped and awkward positions. Having at least a little knowledge of joinery and DIY is desirable.

Installing a hardwood floor is not something you can risk botching. So it needs to be laid correctly from the onset. Fixing a botched flooring job is likely to be expensive, so if in doubt, call the professionals to do the job from the start.

Before any aspect of floor paying is undertaken, it is good advice to read everything you can find on the subject, watch DIY videos, ask questions of those in the know, and, most importantly, go through the process stage by stage. Never be tempted to cut corners, no matter how tight time (or money) might be. Make sure you have all the tools required for the entire job. If tools are required that you do not have to hand in, you can purchase or hire them for the duration.

Set aside plenty of time for the work so there is no need to rush. Make sure health and safety are always adhered to, and keep children and animals out of the room you are working in. Adequate ventilation is essential, as are ear defenders, protective clothing, gloves, goggles, and knee pads.

Work systematically by laying the sub-floor first (if an under-floor is not already there) and then run the plank lengths across the joists to fix them securely in place using nails or a tongue and groove fitting. Never be tempted to lay hardwood flooring directly onto a concrete base. A sub-floor is essential for your floor’s longevity, aesthetics, and comfort.

Hardwood flooring – is always win-win.

A recent survey by the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) suggests that professionally installed hardwood flooring is a real selling point for any type of home in addition to looking beautiful and lasting for many years.

Hardwoods popular as flooring include walnut, oak, mahogany, and teak. If money is no object, one can opt for the most expensive wood: Zebra Wood. However, Zebra Wood, the natural grain that resembles zebra stripes, comes from an endangered tree species, so it is probably a good idea to admire a Zebra Wood floor from afar while purchasing a good quality oak or mahogany for your floor. With its burnished beauty and timeless elegance, even simple oak will enhance any room for a long time, making hardwood flooring a worthwhile investment for homeowners everywhere.


while self-installing hardwood flooring can offer cost savings and a sense of personal accomplishment, it’s critical to consider the required skill, time, and tools. Weighing these aspects with the experience, efficiency, and artistry guarantees professionals offer can help you make the most informed decision. Ultimately, the choice between DIY and hiring experts for your hardwood flooring installation should be based on your budget, skills, and project timeline.

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