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Sanding and Staining Pine Floorboards in Dartford – DA1

Posted on April 22, 2023

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What was the job?

A Dartford home needed sanding and staining work on the wood floors. There were two rooms that required work: the lounge and the bedroom.


The lounge and bedroom had different types of wood, meaning we had to take more care with one than the other. Pine, as was in the lounge, is a softwood. Less pressure can be applied by sanding machines on such a surface. Areas:

Lounge: 14.60 m2

Bedroom 1: 11.62 m2

Time taken:

2 days

How the floor looked before we started work

before1 before2

What we did

As there was no major damage to the floorboards, we were able to begin sanding the floor immediately after the furniture was moved.

After sanding, buffing and vacuuming, we added a coat of stain to each floor. The colours chosen by the client were medium oak and dark oak.

After this had been completed and the stain dried, we applied four coats of clear lacquer.

The results

Whereas previously the floors in each room looked considerably worn, they now appear as new. The lacquer means the floor will be resistant to scratches and everyday wear and tear.

After we finished the job

after1 after2  


In conclusion, the sanding and staining project undertaken at a Dartford, DA1 home showcases the transformative power of professional floor restoration. This project, which focused on two rooms – the lounge and the bedroom – presented a unique challenge due to the different types of wood used in each space. The lounge featured pine, a softwood, which required a more delicate approach during the sanding process. Despite these challenges, the expert team managed to complete the project within a short span of just two days, delivering remarkable results. The lounge, measuring 14.60 m2, and the bedroom, measuring 11.62 m2, both initially exhibited signs of wear and tear. However, the floorboards did not have any major damage, which allowed the team to begin sanding immediately after moving the furniture. Following a thorough sanding, buffing, and vacuuming process, the floors were ready for staining. The client opted for medium oak and dark oak shades to enhance the visual appeal of their home. Once the stain had dried, the team applied four coats of clear lacquer to protect the floors from scratches and everyday wear and tear. The project’s outcome was exceptional, with the once-worn floors appearing brand new, providing an upgraded look to the entire home. This Dartford home’s sanding and staining project highlights the importance of regular floor maintenance in preserving the beauty and longevity of wooden floors. While the process may seem daunting, the results speak for themselves, breathing new life into the living spaces and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home. The project also emphasises the need for skilled and experienced professionals to ensure the best possible outcome. The team’s expertise enabled them to tackle the unique challenges presented by the different types of wood and achieve stunning results within a tight deadline. Moreover, the project serves as a reminder of the value of investing in high-quality materials and techniques. The use of a high-quality stain not only elevated the visual appearance of the floors but also contributed to their durability. Similarly, the application of clear lacquer provided an additional layer of protection, safeguarding the floors from future damage and extending their lifespan. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the project also highlights the practical advantages of sanding and staining wooden floors. The restoration process not only revitalises the appearance of the floors but also contributes to a cleaner, healthier living environment by eliminating dirt, allergens, and other particles that may accumulate in worn floorboards over time. The combination of a thorough cleaning process followed by the application of protective layers ensures that the floors are easier to maintain and keep clean in the long term. In summary, the successful completion of the sanding and staining project in the Dartford home underscores the importance of regular floor maintenance and the value of expert craftsmanship. The revitalised floors have undoubtedly transformed the overall look and feel of the living spaces, proving that investing in professional floor restoration is a worthwhile endeavour. With the floors now protected and enhanced, the homeowners can enjoy the benefits of beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain wooden floors for years to come.

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