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Daily Grind – March: Whiskey Barrels & Warm Wood

Posted on July 24, 2023

Floor Sanding Blogs

Hello and welcome back to The Daily Grind, your online spot for flooring news, ideas and inspiration from your favourite floor sanding experts!

This month: take a look at Google’s new reclaimed whisky barrel flooring, find out why sustainable materials are on the rise and get inspired by some more wonderful things you can do with wood – away from your floor…

Google Opt For Reclaimed Whisky Barrel Flooring


From their pastel coloured parquet to their reclaimed whisky barrel flooring, McKay are a flooring company who are great at creating something a little bit different. It’s this taste for the unexpected which attracts big projects and exciting clients to the company, including the likes of Google.

Back in September, the digital giants were decking out their HQ in Irving, California, and asked McKay to do the honours. Successfully diverting and installing over 1 tonne of whisky barrel flooring, the company have been able to contribute to beautiful, characterful interiors, all while cutting down on waste. Great stuff!

Demand for Green Construction Materials Set to Soar


Real wood flooring may be long-lasting, but demand for ever-Greener construction materials is on the rise. By 2020, global demand for eco-friendly, sustainable materials is expected to soar, with European markets leading the charge. The continent is expected to account for 50% of the demand for greener construction materials, according to Forbes.

The Colorcoat blog reports that the market for these products is likely to double over the coming 5 years, prompting manufacturers to look for more sustainable options and driving consumers to source more reclaimed and recycled materials. For floor sanding experts like us, that’s great news!

Warming Up With Wood

IMG_03481If you love interior design, Swoonworthy absolutely needs to be in your collection of bookmarks. The creation of dedicated blogger Kimberly Duran, the site is positively packed with inspiring ideas and beautiful “Swoonworthy” photos.

As floor sanding experts we may focus on wood flooring, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the material in all of its guises. This pretty post from Kimberly outlines a few of the ways that you can use small wooden touches to add warmth to an interior – in this case, Kimberly’s kitchen. Lovely stuff!

How do you use wood in your interior? Are you interested in more sustainable materials for our next interior update? What do you make of McKay’s whiskey barrel flooring? Share your opinion with other readers below.

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