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Daily Grind – August: Vintage Wood & Chevron Floors

Posted on July 24, 2023

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Knock, knock! Welcome back to the Daily Grind, the Mr Sander®’ dedicated place to share their favorite blogs and posts from the flooring world. From flooring inspiration to practical tips and knowledge, we collect ,the most interesting and helpful resources from across the web every month to give you a wood floor update.


This month: Find out why carpet is simply not a long-term solution, learn what to look out for when installing vintage-inspired flooring, and take a closer look at chevron flooring in all its zig-zagging beauty…

How Long Does Carpet Last?


Call us biased, but carpet is one flooring solution that simply doesn’t hold up to the wear and tear of daily use – at least not over the long term. As a short-to-medium-term solution, there’s no denying that carpet has perks. Easy to maintain and great for keeping homes cosy, this is a great flooring choice for many homeowners. But, for those looking for flooring that will last decades, carpet can start looking crummy in as little as five years.

This blog from Carolina Flooring Services illustrates the point, explaining the kind of longevity you can expect from a quality carpet while offering some pointers for upkeep if you don’t want to go down the more durable real wood route.

Style Inspiration: Retro Look Wood Flooring


Are you a big fan of all things vintage? If you’d like to deck out your home in flooring, which harks back to a simpler, more charming time, this blog from Wood N Beyond is a great read. From ensuring you don’t mix eras, finding the perfect finishing touches, to choosing a “vintage look” floor that feels authentic but will stand the test of time, this post is certainly a good place to start when you’re looking into installing retro wood flooring. They recommend engineered wood, but solid wood flooring is certainly as effective, with greater durability.

What is Chevron Wood Flooring?


Are you looking for an in-vogue wood floor with traditional roots and lasting style? Chevron wood flooring is most certainly on trend right now, but it’s also a style thathas stood the test oor decades. With a characteristic “V” pattern, this flooring is eye-catching and space-enhancing, helping to create the illusion of extra floor space. If you’re interested in chevron flooring, this excellent and comprehensive blog from ESB Flooring will give you all the basics and some interesting titbits.

Do you like the look of chevron flooring? Perhaps you prefer a parquet? Is a vintage-look floor on your wishlist? Share your picks and preferences with other readers below.

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