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Daily Grind – November: Black Floors & Reclaimed Wood

Posted on July 24, 2023


A warm welcome back to The Daily Grind this chilly November. We hope your homes are feeling extra snug this season as you prepare for the festive period.

As ever, the Mr Sander® have been busy beautifying real wood floors across the UK, all the while keeping up with the latest and greatest blogs all about our favourite flooring surfaces. Whether you’re an interior designer or a seasoned DIYer, our monthly round up of the best blogs on flooring is packed with inspiration, helpful tips and interesting reads.

This month: Make the ultimate sleek design statement with black flooring, take better care of your wood floor with five handy maintenance tips and find out more about reclaimed wood flooring.

Floorspiration”: Back to Black


We all know that there’s simply no toppling the status of the “little black dress” in the fashion world. Well, in the world of interior design, it’s the black floor which has been making a strong style statement for years. This is an incredibly strong look, which makes it an instant contemporary winner for lovers of statement spaces, but it’s also a powerful pick for those who want to make a feature of their furnishings. Fantastic for setting furniture and other design elements in stark contrast, back floors are a strong design choice worth exploring. Flooring Supplies have created a great post on the subject, crammed with inspiring images – go take a peek!

How to Make Wood Floors Last Longer


Real wood floors don’t just look and feel wonderful, they can also have very long, rich (and ultimately cost-effective) lives, if treated the right way. Caring for your wood flooring carefully can help your floors last or decades, and ensure they look wonderful for as long as possible. So what steps should you take to help this happen? This helpful blog from TFS Flooring shares five essential tips which will help you care for your floor to get the most out of your surface.

Should You Install Reclaimed Flooring?


We all know that we need to be less wasteful and more resourceful as a species if we’re to help save our planet. But should you use reclaimed wood as your flooring surface of choice? It may be a stylish, “rustic look” option, but is it as long lasting as new planks? Is it safe to use? All of these questions and more are answered in this blog from City Floor Supply on their Wide Plank site.

Do you love the look of reclaimed timber flooring? What steps do you take to care for your real wood floor? Share your tips and thoughts with other readers below.

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