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London Homes Rejuvenated by Refurbished Old Flooring | Home Decor Trends

Posted on August 1, 2023


Revitalizing London Homes: The New Appeal of Old Floors

London homeowners who enjoy the look and style of original wood flooring may face a dilemma when it’s time to refurbish. Retaining the vintage look of a hardwood floor is often exacting, detailed work that many people are too happy to hand over to professionals. But if you would like to take on the project as a DIY opportunity,, read on.

Realistically, you should have a generous amount of DIY knowledge and carpentry experience before you refurbish wood floor sanding, as repairs and the possible replacement of damaged planks are integral to the task. Assuming this is the case, the first thing to do is decide how you would like the wood floor restored. With a high proportion of London homes benefiting from older-style flooring, you may wish to retain that retro look and charm.

Distressed wood

Even if the floor is not so old, you can ‘age’ it by distressing the planks to make them look old or even antique. Also known as ‘hand-scraped,’ distressed wood flooring has become extremely popular over the last decade, especially for softwoods such as pine and fir. Most solid wood types will respond well to hand scraping, although hardwoods such as teak and maple turn out less well due to their intrinsic markings. Other hardwoods, such as oak and walnut, can look stunning when distressed. If you are unsure if your floor is suitable for this refurbishment method, it would be best to err on the side of caution and consult a specialist wood floor company before proceeding. Whatever wood you have, always test a small out-of-sight area. It would help if you scraped along the grain with a hand scraper and never across the wood’s natural knots. If you scrape against the wood’s natural grain, you will have scratch marks rather than a distressed look. hand scraper for wooden floor

Start gently

Try a little light-hand scraping just to get the feel of the tool and the marks it makes on the floor. You can apply the scraper more heavily and at different angles once you have gained the confidence to attain the desired look. Remember always that distressing solid wood flooring is a form of rustic art, and as such, you should not be afraid to be creative. In addition to the scraper, you can also use a wire brush for a deep-seated grainy texture.

Various tools and implements can be used to distress wood flooring successfully. Depending upon the look you want and your DIY prowess, you can use saws, hammers, chains, and even a (clean) garden pick to distress wood. However, these tools should only be used if you have a high degree of DIY skills and excellent health and safety knowledge. A soldering rod can achieve an Aged burn mark (popular in rustic kitchens and parlors).

Putting in a pattern

When the floor has been sufficiently distressed, you can add to the look by introducing a pattern and inlay if you want to. Long hallways look great with a geometric pattern running along each edge, and larger rooms benefit from hand-scraped inlay designs as a centerpiece.

When the treatment is completed, then the next step is floor sanding. The whole floor should be sanded to a degree of uniformity and to eliminate residual wood shards and other debris. After the sanding comes, staining and a clever stain application will provide the icing on your distressed wood cake, giving you a floor to be proud of.



To sum up, the latest trend of rejuvenating old floors has given London homes a unique charm and elegance that’s hard to replicate. Whether it’s bringing back the splendor of Victorian floorboards or the quaint allure of Georgian parquet, this trend has proven to be a remarkable and cost-effective approach to home improvement. Not only does it preserve the city’s architectural history, but it also offers a sustainable method for modernizing homes. In embracing the beauty of old floors, London homeowners are truly standing on their city’s rich history.

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