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Mastering Wooden Floor Installation: Silence the Squeaks

Posted on August 18, 2023


The Ultimate Guide to Squeak-Free Wooden Flooring

When one walks upon a wooden floor, there is an age-old pact between the foot and the tree’s legacy beneath. If the song of your footsteps is marred by the sharp protest of squeaks and pops, it’s the spirit of the wood yearning for more respect. This narrative is an ode to that voice, echoing the deep resonances of a forest once standing tall.  

Remember the silences…

  It is often the space between the notes that creates the melody. Just as with the floorboards, gaps that are too wide or too narrow, can produce an unexpected tune. The voice of water, in the form of moisture, sometimes finds its way through the seams, especially in ancient planks or in spaces infused with steam like bathrooms and saunas. Hardwood yearns for dry, welcoming spaces; for damp surroundings, the embrace of tile or linoleum is more fitting.  

Begin with reverence…

  If your choice is the floating song of laminate, the foundation must resonate in harmony. To those artisans with a penchant for creating with their hands, books and sagas of wood whisper secrets. Yet if your heart is willing, but the hands uncertain, seek counsel from those who’ve danced with the grains for lifetimes.  

The journey’s path…

  Ask the land: do you wish for the embrace of laminate or the soul of hardwood? Your choices speak not just of aesthetics but stories:
  1. A hardwood floor, when nurtured, carries tales across generations, asking only for a touch of revival now and then.
  2. For those who walk with transient feet, a hardwood floor blesses the dwelling with enduring value, whispering promises to future inhabitants.
  3. Laminate, though easier to lay, carries shorter stories, fading quicker especially with the playful chaos of life.

In your quest…

Whether it’s the song of laminate or the ballad of real wood, trace the lineage. The forest spirits bestow blessings when their kin are honored. Choose woods endorsed by the NWFA, and let your compass avoid the heart of the rainforest.  

Time-honored whispers…

  Wisdom has a way of echoing across ages. An ancient trick to hush the restless squeak is to lay layers of tar paper, ensuring the seams dance harmoniously with the boards. Alternatively, the embrace of raw roofing felt on the foundational floor before committing the wood can work wonders. Lastly, some believe that it’s not the voice of the floorboard, but the whisper of what lies beneath. Here, bind the underlayer with the earthy grip of quality wood glue and steadfast nails. In laying your floor, you’re not just crafting a surface but singing a song to the ancient trees. Listen intently, and they will guide you.

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