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Unusual Uses for Wood Floors Beyond Flooring

Posted on July 13, 2023


Exploring Innovative and Unusual Uses for Wood Floors

Wood floors are not just for walking on anymore. Their rich texture, versatility, and durability have led to a surge of creative and unusual uses, breathing new life into this traditional material. From wall cladding to custom furniture, let’s explore the uncommon ways wood floors are being put to use.

Wood Floors as Wall Coverings

The New Wall Dressing

One of the more innovative uses for wood floors is as wall coverings. When used as a feature wall, the natural warmth and character of wood floors can make a room feel more inviting and visually interesting.

Technique and Installation

When installing wood floors on walls, it’s important to ensure the wall is flat and clean. Then, starting from the bottom, each plank is attached to the wall using adhesive and nails. The pattern can be customised to your liking, be it a straight, staggered, or herringbone pattern.

The Creative Edge with Wood Floor Furniture

Bespoke Furniture Pieces

Who knew that wood floors could be transformed into unique furniture pieces? From coffee tables to custom shelving, wood floor planks can be repurposed to create beautiful, functional pieces of furniture.

Crafting Process

The crafting process involves cutting the planks into the required shapes, assembling them with the help of nails and adhesives, and finally applying a finish for added durability and aesthetics.

Turning Wood Floors into Artwork

Artistic Expression

Creatives are harnessing the beauty of wood floors for artistic expression. By using different wood types and shades, artists are crafting stunning mosaic artworks, murals, and even sculptures.

The Art Creation Process

Creating art from wood floors involves cutting the planks into various shapes and sizes, arranging them to form a design or image, and then securing them together. The finished artwork is then sealed to preserve it.

Crafting Decorative Accessories

Innovative Decor

Wood floor planks are also being used to craft a variety of decorative accessories, such as photo frames, mirror frames, coat hangers, and even wall clocks. These unique pieces add a rustic touch to your home décor.

Crafting Technique

The crafting technique is similar to that of furniture, where the planks are cut, assembled, and finished. The thickness of the wood floors makes them ideal for these types of projects, as they provide a sturdy and durable base.

Wood Floors for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Elegance

Wood floors are making their way outdoors, too. They’re being used for decking, fencing, and even as accent walls in garden structures. They provide a warm, natural look that blends seamlessly with the outdoor environment.

Installation Process

The installation process is similar to that of indoor wood flooring, with added emphasis on treating the wood to withstand outdoor conditions. Special finishes are used to protect the wood from moisture, UV rays, and insects.

Wrapping Up

The unusual uses for wood floors stretch the imagination and demonstrate the versatility of this traditional material. Whether it’s being transformed into a statement furniture piece or used to create striking wall art, the possibilities seem endless. The next time you come across spare wood flooring, remember—it’s not just for floors anymore!

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