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Real Wood Floor Sanding in London – Your Comprehensive Guide

Posted on May 15, 2023

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Reviving the Charm of Wooden Floors: An Insight into Real Wood Floor Sanding in London

Wooden floors, with their timeless appeal and natural elegance, are a common feature in many homes in London. However, over time, they can lose their sheen due to wear and tear. Real wood floor sanding is a crucial step in the process of restoring the glory of wooden floors, ensuring they continue to add warmth and charm to London homes. This comprehensive guide will explore the art of real wood floor sanding in London, discussing its significance, the process, its costs, and the best service providers in the city.

Understanding Real Wood Floor Sanding

Real wood floor sanding involves the removal of the top surfaces of a wooden floor with abrasive materials. It’s the first step in the restoration process and is crucial for dealing with damages such as scratches, stains, and old finishes that dull the appearance of the wood. This process exposes the untouched wood beneath, providing a fresh surface for refinishing.

The Significance of Wood Floor Sanding

  1. Restores Beauty: Sanding can restore the original beauty of your wood floors, making them look as good as new. It removes surface damage, exposing a fresh layer of wood that can be refinished to your preference.
  2. Increases Lifespan: By removing the worn-out layer, sanding can extend the life of your wooden floors, making them more durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  3. Improves Hygiene: Over time, wood floors can accumulate dirt, allergens, and bacteria. Sanding removes these, contributing to a healthier living environment.
Hardwood Floor Restoration in London

Choosing the Right Professionals

London is a city known for its high-quality craftsmanship. Therefore, when it comes to real wood floor sanding, it’s essential to choose professionals who uphold these standards. Look for a company with a solid reputation, positive customer reviews, and a portfolio showcasing their work. Some of the top wood floor sanding companies in London include The London Floor Sanding Company, GJP Floor Sanding London, and London Floor Sanding and Polishing.

Cost of Real Wood Floor Sanding in London

The cost of real wood floor sanding in London can vary depending on the size and condition of your floor, the type of wood, and the level of damage. On average, you can expect to pay between £15 and £25 per square metre for professional floor sanding.

The process of real wood floor sanding

  1. Preparation: The first step involves preparing the floor for sanding. This includes cleaning the floor and removing any nails or staples that could damage the sanding equipment.
  2. Rough Sanding: The initial sanding stage uses a coarse-grit sandpaper to remove the old finish and any surface damage.
  3. Medium Sanding: This stage smooths out the roughness left by the initial sanding, preparing the floor for the final sanding.
  4. Fine Sanding: The final sanding stage uses fine-grit sandpaper to give the floor a smooth finish, ready for sealing and refinishing.
  5. Sealing: After sanding, the floor is vacuumed to remove any dust, and a sealant is applied to protect the wood and prepare it for refinishing.
Sanding Wood Floors Experience superior floor lacquering with the Mr Sander®. Lightfast stain application

Caring for Your Sanded Wood Floor

Post-sanding, it’s crucial to take steps to protect your newly exposed wooden floor. Clean it regularly using a dry or slightly damp mop and a cleaner specifically designed for wood floors. Place rugs in high-traffic areas to prevent scratches, and use furniture pads under heavy furniture to protect the floor from dents.


Real wood floor sanding is a vital step in restoring the beauty of your wooden floors. In the heart of London, where each home embodies a piece of the city’s rich architectural tapestry, maintaining the allure of your wooden floors is essential. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also adds to the city’s charm and elegance.
The process of real wood floor sanding might seem intricate, but with the right professionals, it can be a seamless and rewarding experience. Knowledge of what to expect during the process, understanding the costs involved, and knowing how to maintain your floor post-sanding can help you make informed decisions. Indeed, the costs associated with sanding can be viewed as an investment, for the process extends the lifespan of your floor, improves the hygienic conditions of your home, and undoubtedly enhances its overall appeal. Regular maintenance post-sanding can ensure the longevity of your wooden floors, preserving their beauty for years to come. In a city like London, real wood floor sanding goes beyond just a home improvement project; it’s a way of preserving the city’s heritage, one wooden floor at a time. It’s about embracing the old while welcoming the new, ensuring that the city’s homes continue to exude their timeless elegance through their beautifully sanded wooden floors. As you embark on the journey of restoring your wooden floors, remember that every grain in the wood tells a story. Sanding doesn’t erase these stories; instead, it gives them a fresh canvas, ready to narrate new tales of warmth and charm. In conclusion, real wood floor sanding in London is not just a service; it’s a celebration of the city’s architectural heritage. It’s about preserving the unique blend of history and modernity that the city’s homes represent. So, don’t let the wear and tear steal the charm of your wooden floors. Embrace the art of real wood floor sanding and let your floor continue to be a testament to London’s enduring elegance. Now is the time to rejuvenate your wooden floors and let them shine in all their glory, narrating tales of the city’s past, present, and future. Choose the right professionals, understand the process, and see your home transform. In the end, a beautifully sanded wooden floor is not just about aesthetics; it’s about the charm, the warmth, and the stories that make a house a home.

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