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Are You In Need Of An Outstanding Floorboards Sanding & Renovating Company in Merton?

You can add real character to your home with the depth and warmth of a wooden deck. Improving the style of your home can be easy and hassle free when you get in touch with an experienced and skilled floor sanding and polishing company. We have a great range of experience and expertise to maximise the potential of the timber decking in your home.
You can get years of dirt, grime, and wear and tear removed from any type of flooring with professional restoration. It can be a wonderful opportunity to transform dull floorboards into shining new ones, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to come alive. Rather than have a wooden floor in your home that you want to cover up or just forget about, you can have one that you will want to be the focus of your house – something you will want to show off to friends and guests time after time.
After the outer surface of the timber has been sealed off with our great quality varnishing or waxing, the surface will stay looking fantastic for years. Varnishing gives depth and colour, while waxing creates a more traditional look.
Rely On The Professional Touch

We are what our name indicates – a company that excels in renovating wooden boards and that means that we are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to various finishes. We work to the highest standards in the industry, and our service begins with our specialist teams surveying your floors thoroughly. We will then advise on the best course of action, with a range of finishing options to your tastes and house style. For specialist projects such as parquet tiling, we have a range of techniques and skilled experts to restore it to tip top condition.
While anyone can have a go at sanding floorboards, not everyone will get the brilliant results that our team of expert tradesmen can. So for an absolute guarantee that you will get an end result that will add depth and sparkle to your home, trust the professionals. You don’t want to get your decking damaged or unevenly restored, so ensure you bring in our specialist services and you will be able to sit back and enjoy top quality results for years to come.
For more information on what we offer, call us for a free quote or browse to find out more.

Local History

Merton’s history is one of comings and goings, beginning with its own creation in 1965. The borough’s name comes from a former parish that existed in the area, and was selected because Mitcham and Wimbledon, the two former municipal boroughs that merged to create the borough, couldn’t agree on whose name to retain.

Sports fans may have had their interest piqued by that mention of Wimbledon – and here again, the area’s history is a little more complex than most boroughs. Not in terms of the world-famous grass-court tennis tournament, which is the oldest in the world. But in terms of football, the club’s history is more interesting than most.

For a start, its long-time team is now based in Milton Keynes as the MK Dons. But even before their relocation in 2003, a new team, AFC Wimbledon, had been created to take their place. In 2011 the team won promotion into the Football League – giving the area its own local league team again after a break of nine years.

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