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Discover Your Perfect Wood Floor for your home Based on Your Personality

Posted on May 18, 2023


Matching Wood Floor Restoration to Your Personality: An In-depth Guide

As a reflection of our personal style and taste, our homes should be an extension of who we are. Each room is an opportunity to leave our imprint, and the floor is no exception. When it comes to real wood floor restoration, there is a distinct match for every personality type. Intrigued? Let’s explore how different types of wood align with various personality traits. The question is, which one resonates with you? Wood Floor Restoration

Ash: Light and Fragrant

If you’re someone who enjoys bright, airy spaces and exudes a naturally calming aura, Ash might be your perfect match. This light, fragrant, quintessentially British wood is popular in any room, particularly bedrooms, thanks to its versatile and beautiful finish. Ash has the unique ability to lighten up darker corners, turning every room into a cosy retreat. However, be aware of the current crisis with ash die-back caused by the spread of the Chalara fraxinea fungus. This condition may cause a scarcity and an increase in price for this type of wood flooring over the next few years. Ash Wood Floor

Oak: robust and timeless

Oak flooring is for those who appreciate the enduring beauty of strength, practicality, and timeless elegance. It’s a perfect fit for people who value tradition and sturdiness. Oak floors are hard-wearing, making them a pragmatic choice for well-used rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms. If you are someone whose strength is as enduring as an oak, this is the floor for you. Oak Wood Floor

Pine: fresh and durable

Pine is for fresh, vibrant, and energetic souls. This wood exudes pure Scandinavian freshness and brings a sparkle to any room. Popular in bedrooms and saunas, pine is not only beautiful but tough and durable too. If you have a personality that’s as adaptable and resilient as pine, this could be your perfect match. pine wood floor

Yellow Pine: Strong and Long-Lasting

Inexpensive, strong, and reliable, yellow pine is a popular choice for individuals who value safety and longevity. It’s a common choice for building staircases, proving its resilience and strength. If you see yourself as dependable and long-lasting, yellow pine is the ideal wood for you. yellow pine wood floor

Cherry: Warm and Popular

Are you warm, inviting, and popular among friends? Then, cherry wood flooring might just reflect your personality. Available in both light and dark shades, this beautiful hardwood is one of the most popular floor choices. Its natural warmth ensures it is always a favoured option in dining and function rooms. cherry wood floor

Mahogany: Rich and Glossy

For those who view themselves as the A-Listers of life, there is no better match than mahogany. Known for being one of the richest colours of hardwood, red mahogany shines magnificently in any room, from lounges to hallways to bedrooms. If you have a personality that is as glossy and captivating as mahogany, this is your ideal wood choice. mahogany wood floor

Teak: Masculine and Minimalistic

Teak, with its tropical charm, is an ideal match for individuals who radiate a strong, masculine aura. Well known for complementing bachelor pads, teak also does a remarkable job showcasing minimalist interior designs. If your personality resonates with the strength and allure of teak, then this is the flooring for you. Teak wood floor

Rosewood: Bold and Dynamic

Contrary to what its name may suggest, rosewood is not delicate or dainty. If you’re bold, dynamic, and a little edgy, rosewood is your match. This hard and tough hardwood boasts a vibrant red colour, adding life and energy to any room. Rosewood is the life of the party, just like you! Rosewood wood floor

Bamboo: Eco-conscious and Resilient

If you’re a nature lover with a strong inclination towards sustainable living, bamboo flooring is the ideal match for your eco-conscious personality. Despite being a grass, bamboo is a solid, strong, and resilient flooring option, masquerading beautifully as wood. The fact that bamboo flooring doesn’t involve cutting down trees for its production (as it’s made from the stripped bark of the plant) adds to its appeal among the environmentally conscious. What’s more, a bamboo plant will regrow in just seven years, making it one of the most sustainable flooring options available. Bamboo wood floor

Maple: durable and costly

Maple is the epitome of strength and endurance. Are you someone who values hard work and longevity? Then maple is the perfect wood type to represent your personality. Often seen in commercial outlets like bowling lanes, gyms, and other sporting arenas, maple is one of the hardest woods around. Although it’s more expensive due to importation from the US, its durability makes it a worthy investment. Like the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for.’ Maple

Beech: Versatile and Economical

Much like a chameleon, beech is adaptable, fitting into any environment. If you’re versatile, flexible, and good at adapting to different situations, then beech is your match. Similar to maple but less expensive, beech can be stained to resemble any hardwood. It’s heavy, durable, and offers excellent value for money, making it the ideal choice for an economical and adaptable personality.

Walnut: Unconventional and Classy

Are you the kind who prefers the road less travelled? Walnut may be the ideal flooring for you. Popular in Victorian libraries but an unusual choice for modern flooring, walnut is the choice for individuals looking for something a little different. Walnut is easily moulded and shaped, and despite being hardwearing, it’s light to work with. Loved by furniture makers, it brings a touch of grace and class to any public room.

Ebony: exotic and stunning

For those who are luxurious, exotic, and have a penchant for the extraordinary, ebony is the perfect fit. This African hardwood is expensive but utterly stunning, and it is notorious for its excellent wood-turning abilities. Laying an ebony floor may be a challenge, but if you’re willing to bear the expense and have it professionally installed, the outcome is nothing short of breathtaking. An ebony floor not only brings a lifetime of pleasure but also adds considerable value to your home.


Your home should reflect your personality, and what better way to do this than with your flooring? Each wood type comes with its own charm and character, much like we do. Identifying the wood type that resonates with your personality can help you feel more at home in your own space. Whether you’re as robust as oak, adaptable like beech, or exotic like ebony, there’s a wood floor out there that’s a perfect reflection of you. So, which one are you?

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