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Daily Grind – November: Traditional Kitchens & Cork Flooring

Posted on July 23, 2023

Floor Sanding Blogs

Hello there! A warm welcome back to The Daily Grind. This is the Mr Sander® spot to share the articles we’ve been reading and the inspiration we’ve been finding all over the web each month.

Flooring Web

We want to start this off with a shout out to Flooring Web, a great Flooring Directory that we recommend.

Now, from how tos and news, to inspiration pieces and flooring tips, we harvest the best the web has to offer on flooring to share with our readers, whether you’re an avid DIYer or a property developer.

This month: Get on trend by ditching contemporary styles and embracing a traditional kitchen, find out which flooring solution is the best fit for rental properties and discover just how good cork flooring can look.

Trend Alert: Traditional Kitchens


Gleaming stainless steel, smooth moulded counter tops, minimalist fittings and bright colour pops – the contemporary kitchen is now a common style in British homes. Yet after decades of modern styling, the traditional kitchen is enjoying a return to popularity. Warm, welcoming with a hint of nostalgia and rustic charm, now is the time to say goodbye to crisp contemporary design and say hello to a more traditional feel.

In a recent blog, Finsa Home has shared a helpful tick list of features to help you get the look. From embracing natural materials, particularly wood, to investing in vintage inspired fixtures, the Finsa Home team have concocted a great recipe for a traditional, rustic kitchen.

The Best Flooring for Rental Properties


A landlord’s work is never done, but if you make a few wise decisions in the early stages of letting, you can save yourself a lot of hard work and expense in the long run. Making an informed choice about flooring before renting out a property is a crucial decision to make.

This post on the Property Investment Project‘s Landlord Blog is full of information which will help you select the right flooring solution for your property. From the difference between hardwood and laminate, to the pros and cons of both carpet and laminate flooring in a rental context, there are lots of handy pointers here worth taking on board before you plump for a particular type of flooring.

5 Reasons to Love Cork Flooring


As floor sanding experts, we have a big soft spot and interest in woods of all varieties. We don’t often have much call to work with cork floors (this can be done but requires a very skilled, careful approach due to the softness of the material), but we love this blog on this lesser used wood from Sustainable Kitchens.

Often associated with the flaky stuff you see on pin boards, cork can actually serve as very durable flooring, with a smooth appearance and an unusual look. Check out its benefits on the blog.

Do you like the look of cork? Do you prefer traditional on contemporary kitchens? Which is the best flooring for rental properties? Have your say below.

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