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Daily Grind – February: Are You a Laminate or a Hardwood Person?

Posted on July 24, 2023

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Hello and welcome back to The Daily Grind, your place to find helpful flooring tips, interesting flooring ideas and inspiring flooring designs, every single month! Whether you’re considering an interior update or want to learn more about looking after your floor, we have some great articles to share this month; from how to wax hardwood, to which flooring works best with underfloor heating…

The Complete Guide to Floor Care


Have you been taking your flooring for granted? Or have you been looking after it properly? Are you trying to keep your hardwood in mint condition? Or do you suffer from a serious pet hair problem when it comes t your carpet?

Whatever floor you’re using and however much TLC you give it, this very helpful 25 page guide from The Flooring Site will turn you into a floor care fanatic. From using area rugs on hardwood, to top tips for floor waxing, this great resource will help your flooring look better and last much, much longer.

 Is Underfloor Heating Right for You?


With February already proving unseasonably chilly, staying cosy at home is already high on our priority lists here in the UK. Snuggling up with the radiators on can be a real treat on an icy afternoon, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a better alternative…

Over the pond, underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular with our American cousins, and it’s emerging as a “hot” flooring trend over here as well. If you want efficient heating which doesn’t tarnish your interior design with bulky radiators – underfloor heating (UFH) could keep you warm and stylish.

But take note, if you want to enjoy UFH beneath a real wood floor, there could be disastrous consequences if you’re using a variety not recommended for UFH use. Terracotta, flagstone, ceramic tiles and slate are all far more commonplace and heat efficient when it comes to a UFH system. This article from the informative Contract Flooring Journal has the inside scoop, if you’re curious.

  • What would be the major benefits of underfloor heating for you? Would you trade in a real wood floor for UFH? Share your perspective with our readers below.
Are You a Hardwood Person or a Laminate Person?


In our humble opinion as floor sanding experts, there are two types of people in this world: hardwood people and laminate people (The less said about carpet people the better – just kidding!).

Basically, depending on where you’re at in your life and what you really value, you’re naturally going to fall in one camp or the other. Love convenience? You’re a laminate person. Value authenticity? You’re a real wood person. Not sure where you’re going to be in the next 5 years? Laminate. Certain of your future? Hardwood.

But sometimes the decision isn’t quite so clear cut. And at those times you need a little more information. This short but sweet summary from The Laminate Flooring Site is a handy resource if you’re feeling torn. It sums up all the pros and cons concisely, hopefully leaving you with a gut feeling in one direction or the other. Give it a read and let us know what you decide…

Are you team laminate or team hardwood? Are you considering underfloor heating? Tell our floor sanders and our readers all about it below…

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